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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, how do you like fallout 4?

Beau L.
Hi and Welcome to Newegg! My name is Beau. How Can I help you?
how do you like fallout 4?
Beau L.
Its fun!
Just started recently.
Haven't gotten very far.
this is a cool job you have. and no i havent
sorry, i read that wrong. i havent gotten very far
Beau L.
I just started playing.
nice. what's your favorite game ever?
Beau L.
Very hard to say.
I play so many.
cs is one of them.
nice. mine is skyrim!
Beau L.
Skyrim is awesome!
So was oblivion.
yeah. i love the elder scrolls. so hows your day going?
Beau L.
Its pretty good.
Just chatting and working. :-)
Thanks for asking!
What about you?
that's good. my day is going alright. im in class right now, but i'm talking to you and on newegg :-)
Beau L.
Nice! :-)
yeah! hey, i have a question. what gtx 970 should i get? there's so many too choose from
Beau L.
I would get the one with the highest vlovk speeds for the cheapest price.
clock speeds.
Like evga's ssc card
thanks m8
Beau L.
Your welcome! :0
so what is your work like?
Beau L.
Right now I'm just recommending hardware.
sounds like fun. i want that job
Beau L.
It is fun!
how does one get this job? was it easy to get hired?
Beau L.
You just apply like anything else.
Go through a process ect..
sweet. i think i'm gonna apply
Beau L.
You should.
So many computer companies do this as well.
Lots of options out there.
awesome. so, can you just do this at home, or are you like in an office?
Beau L.
It just depends on the job.
Some are at home and some are in the office.
I've had both.
that's cool. dude. do you have a steam? wanna play some games sometime?
Beau L.
Sure thing! I'm under Bodar ATX zombie killas. That's my steam name.
awesome. i'll send a request later. I'm minimic15
Beau L.
do you like to watch youtube?
Beau L.
I do sometimes.
nice. who do you like to watch?
Beau L.
All kinds of stuff.
I enjoy coridor digitals videos.
niiiiiiiiccce. i love them.
do you go to any conventions, like pax?
Beau L.
I have been to a few.
me too. they're really fun
Beau L.
Yeah! Pretty awesome stuff!
have you tried the Oculus Rift, or do you have one?
Beau L.
No I do not but I want to try it sometime.
you should. it's amazing
what are your pc specs?
Beau L.
I have a gtx 970 ssc.
And 6-core intel cpu.
nice. I only have a laptop, but I'm starting to build a pc.
Beau L.
yeah. i can't wait!
well i gotta go. i sent a request on steam, so add me when you can. have a nice day :-)
Beau L.
You too! Have an awesome one and I'll add you! :-)
Beau L.
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