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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, How do I make my pc do games?

Marius W.

Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you? What questions do you have for me?
How do I make my pc do games?
I want to do the steam
Marius W.
Yeah Steam is the way to start
With a display chip card
Marius W.
Graphics card.. definitely
How do I put a graphics card in my macbook?
They all look so big
My dad gave me 2 thousand dollers for a game computer
I dont know how many displat cards i need
Marius W.
You can't add one to a Macbook
You also can't use Steam on a Mac. No game is going to play on a Mac. They are very weak
That computer would be far better and can play any game out there
but i already has a laptop
Marius W.
You have a macbook that can't do much
Is that right?
but what if i want to do the games with a destkop
Marius W.
You can do a desktop also
i like minecraft and i want to make a server
Marius W.
That would do well. Has enough space as well as RAM to do well as a server
how much deditated wam would i need to make my server?
Marius W.
deditated wam
for the minecraft server
Marius W.
I don't know what wam is
i asked the same qwestion at minecon
and they knew what to do
Marius W.
what is the best amount of wam for my server
I want to do a snow biome
with trees
Marius W.
Well this is the computer that works for being a server and they can fill in the rest about wam
and a treehouse
and with a spawn made out of glass
Marius W.
Anything else I can help you with?
so that people can do it
Marius W.
I don't Minecraft.
the people at the minecon knoe
Marius W.
how much wam is needed for the server
it doesnt say how much wam there is
Marius W.
No such thing
Have a great night :-)
Marius W.
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