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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Hi, yes you can

Ryan R.
welcome to newegg! can i help you with monitors today?
Hi, yes you can
I already purchased one today
Ryan R.
I decided to go with the BenQ XL2411Z Black over the ASUS VG248QE
Ryan R.
i have that benq but 27 inch!
cool, is that a good brand I'm not familiar with it and usually they have less reviews
However, based on what I read that seems to be a good deal for the price range
This would also be working with the EVGA Geforce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 graphics card
Ryan R.
yeah it should be fine, i run 3 27 Inch benQs for my SLI 780 tis
Okay great, thanks for that feedback.
Ryan R.
Also do you think there is a major difference in the black friday vs cyber monday sales
Ryan R.
not really, its just a way for us to extend the deals into the next week
Okay great because I was trying to decide if I should wait, but did not want to lose out on the price
Ryan R.
The person I am buying this for currently is using a 60Hz monitor so I am assuming once he uses this one he will notice a significant difference in visuals than his current monitor
would it be weird to use them alongside each other with the different specs
Ryan R.
nope! it looks a little wierd, but it wont change performance or anything
great, thanks again for your feedback
Ryan R.
Ryan R.
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