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Q. visitor asked, Hi There... I'm looking into buying my son either a hdtv or a gaming monitor but I'm unsure the actual difference except for the speed

Edward B.
Hi my name is Ed, How are you today?
I see you are looking at the Gaming Monitors how can I help you?
Hi There... I'm looking into buying my son either a hdtv or a gaming monitor but I'm unsure the actual difference except for the speed
He would use it mainly for gaming on the pc.
Edward B.
Gaming monitor have a better refresh rate for hard core gaming so they tend to look better
ya that's I meant when I said speed. lol. I'm learning all of this stuff today.
Hard Core gaming meaning like he plays online everyday
Edward B.
Not exactly it means he plays in extreme gaming with ultra high video settings
what games does he play please?
All I remember is he plays on Steam and some of the games he plays are either laggy or .... I can't remember what he said on the 2nd one. I just know that he said he wants upgraded video card and a bigger monitor than a 15 year old 17 inch monitor
Edward B.
Ok let me see what I can find for you ok?
ok! Thank you!
Edward B.
this one here is a 27 inch and has a super high refresh rate
What is flicker free motion
and this low blue light would he have to switch to that low blue light at night or during the day?
another quetion with this 3d vision is he suppose to wear those 3d glasses?
Edward B.
He doesnt have to switch it is just a option for making it not so bright when others are around at night trying to sleep :-)
oh ok.
Edward B.
it is a incredible monitor and would be a excellent choice for gaming
what about that 3d vision thing?
Edward B.
No he does not it is for 3d games and this does not require those
Whats the difference between DVI and VGA
I know they look different
Edward B.
The DVi is a high definiton port than standard vga so it supports high resolution and frame rates
Oh ok. So then I wouldn't need to buy one of those cords that convert to hdmi
Edward B.
Correct you do not
Whats the difference between the link you sent and this one.
Edward B.
let me take a quick look one second please
that one has the lower refresh rate so more a standard monitor not the 144 hrz of the on I showed you
oh ok.
Edward B.
it is a good monitor but doesnt refresh as quick so you can get minor flickering during intenes game play
Well I personally don't care about that flickering. LoL. Does the one that I sent you does that have the VGA or DVI. I see that they don't provide the cord but that's ok. We have both of them.
Edward B.
the one you sent has 1 DVI and 2 HDMI
Another question. Other than cable and a gaming console what other things that would hook up to HDMI.
Edward B.
any cable box or Roku or Apple TV or Blu ray player
oh ok.
Edward B.
so it will function even as a tv when hooked to a cable box or other device of that nature
On the 1 that you sent what is the USB cable for?
Edward B.
For display video or pictures
Also to plug in things like a chrome stick or amazon fire stick for online movies
Ok. I understand it all now. Thank you for your time and help!
Edward B.
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