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Q. visitor asked, Hi Mark, my name is Ryan and I'm looking up upgrade to a newer laptop

Mark N.
hi, I see you're looking at laptops, how can i help?
Hi Mark, my name is Ryan and I'm looking up upgrade to a newer laptop
I'm using a dell insp. 1545
2.40 ghz dual core, 4gb ddr2
I'm looking for a laptop that is ultra portable but also powerful. I'm looking for a laptop that is 14" or less, 8gb ddr3, and an i5 or i7 with a clock speed higher than 2.40ghz (my current)
Mark N.
I would be glad to help :-)
I bought an ultrabook with an atom processor and 2gb ddr3 and I wanted to throw it out the window because it was so miserably slow.
The gpu is not a concern to me, I'm fine with intel hd. I have a ps4 and am putting money away to build a gaming rig in about 10-12 months
Mark N.
Do you have a general price range I can work in?
I also don't care how big the hdd is, I'll be swapping in a samsung evo pro 128 ssd
Ummm...that is hard to say. I'm not too concerned about price. Anything under $800
I am currently looking at refurbished laptops but am concerned with the condition they will be in.
Mark N.
Only very minor physical blemishes but the hardware will be in factory new conditon
This is what I am currently looking at. Again, I'm going to be installing a 128 ssd (Leave the hdd intact in case of returns). The description says "Grade A" and I have ordered refurbished things through Newegg before
But that computer is being sold by a 3rd party....I trust newegg...not so much this 3rd party
Mark N.
I understand completely
sorry about the long response time, my cat knocked over my router and messed up my network
Lols. no problem at all
For a laptop that won't be doing any rendering or gaming, do you think 8gb ddr3 is enough? Or is 16gb a better option?
Mark N.
8gb is more than enough
Yeah that's what I thought
I have a wired 360 controller and emulators if I want to play a video game. Just won't be able to play any game after...or idk...2001
oh* not or
And same question, dual core i5 @ 2.5ghz...strong enough for someone not playing games or rendering?
Mark N.
Yeah for web browsing and such it's still more than you actually need
My current dell from 2009 is still blazing fast and can handle everything but games (32mp integrated gpu) so i figured
I wish I had about $1500 to design a desktop with you
Mark N.
I do too, those are my favorite chats
I'll drop a chat bomb on you
intel vs amd
Mark N.
Depends on the situation
I've always been an intel and nvidia person
Mark N.
low end AMD, high end Intel
Interesting. May I ask what you are currently running?
Mark N.
a i5 6400 @ 4.68 Ghz with 2 390s in x-fire
i'm not familiar with the 390s
Mark N.
Is the Amd equivalent to Nvidia's 970
ah I c
Mark N.
They beat them the 970 by a little bit
Yeah I'm definitely going to upgrade from being a console peasant but unfortunately I have student loans to repay
Mark N.
Same here haha
I'm working on my Electrical engineering degree
I'm a R&D technician and am working to become a chemical engineer at my company
Very nice!
Mark N.
Thank you :-)
electrical engineering is more applicable than simply a degree in computer technologies (etc.)
I'm making very good money and could buy just about anything on this site atm, but I put away 1200$/month for student loans and another $1000 for housing and other bills
Mark N.
Yeah, I plan to get another degree in computer science
I hope to make that much eventually
Having 2 bs degrees looks very nice on a resume
And I'm bias but ANY engineering opens up a billion doors
My gf is a nuclear engineer at a power plant. She got hired the week after she graduated
Mark N.
The Navy is trying to recruit me for nuclear engineering at the moment
I went down that road for a few months
Mark N.
It's a bit too regimented for me
its a good program. After a few months you are an officer then you start nuke school. but there is a huge problem (for me at least)
nuke school is 2 years. then, to be a nuke engineer, its a 6 year commitment
so...are you ready to decide the next 8 years of your life
Mark N.
Nope, that's why I'm going to Georgia Tech instead. get the exact degree I know I want
I wasn't and am making good money doing something else. and I can come and go as I please
Very nice! I'm glad you are going for what you want
Mark N.
I love technology so much, hence my job here
Computers are the future, even here in the lab since I've started we have moved from writing things down on paper charts to putting them into excel (i know its not 1998 but ppl here don't conform to technology easily)
Mark N.
Better now then never
I hate to leave the chat but it's past my shift and I have a pounding headache. Do you mind if I go?
Absolutely not! I hope you all the best!
wish you*
Mark N.
Thank you, it was a great talk.
Have a good one Mark
Mark N.
You too Ryan
Mark N.
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