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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, hi. im looking to buid a gaming pc and i need a little help

Marius W.
Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you? What questions do you have for me?
im looking to buid a gaming pc and i need a little help
Marius W.
Definitely can help with that.
Awesome that you are.
What do you need help with exactly?
im not sure if the parts i picked are all compatible and if i got all the parts i need
can you see my cart?
Marius W.
I can't see your cart.
We can go step by step
Marius W.
You have a case, right?
Marius W.
Motherboard fits into the case? Correct case for the motherboard size?
let me check
Marius W.
Good looking case there
my mothboard is 12.0" x 8.4"
my case is 19" x 8" x 17.5"
Marius W.
Good as long as you have the ATX motherboard then all set.
Motherboard has to be compatible with the cpu you picked out. Which cpu did you pick out?
Intel Core i7-4790K Devil s Canyon Quad-Core 4.0 GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I74790K Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4600
Replacement Only Return Policy
its part of a combo with ram motherboard and processor
Marius W.
How much RAM?
2 by 4 so 8g
Marius W.
Perfect. All you really need.
Did you get a video card?
not yet
Marius W.
You should get one as you are going to need one if it is going to be a gaming PC
i was recomended a gtx 970 but i dont know what onw to get
Marius W.
970 can handle all the games out there so it's a great way to go and most games are optimized for Nvidia cards too
They were right to recommend the 970 as it is cheaper than the 980 but you don't lose all that much in power with the 970
so what one should i get?
Marius W.
Any of the 970's are good. You can go for the least expensive one as they are all basically the same other than the company that made them
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 04G-P4-2976-KR 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support ACX 2.0 Video Card
would this be good
Marius W.
You need a 500 watt power supply
i have a 600 would it be worth downgrading?
Marius W.
Perfect as then if you ever upgrade then you have enough Watts
Then comes a drive if you want one - blu-ray or DvD
does it matter what one i choose?
Marius W.
All are good
Not even that expensive either
Marius W.
Does the motherboard have wireless on it?
how do i check?
Marius W.
I'm looking at it to see
Good looking motherboard. Good choice
Has LAN but not wireless. Are you going to use wifi to hook into your router?
i was planing on using wifi
Marius W.
need a wireless card then
Again doesn't matter which one you get other than to make sure it is quick enough
how fast should it be?
Marius W.
This one is pretty amazing
It's $40 but it's quick
Marius W.
Trying to think what is left
hard drive?
Marius W.
Right.. lol. the most important part
SSD as that motherboard seems to be set for SSD's
You can also go hybrid with a SSD and a HDD so you get the best of both worlds.. speed and lots of storage space
what do you recomend?
Marius W.
This is really good one. Roomy with 500GB
is there any thing else?
Marius W.
Yep.. looking. Do you want cheaper for the hard drive?
Marius W.
Yeah.. totally agree
There is that one and pretty much the price on any of them for the size
You could save a bit more with just going with a HDD rather than a SSD
what do you recommend hdd or sdd?
Marius W.
I kinda like HDD better as the increase in speed doesn't really impress me. I like having more room
do you think 250g will be enough?
Marius W.
Depends on what you do with it. 250gb can fit a lot of games on it
ill go with the 250
Marius W.
If you start getting into video files then the space starts getting eaten up
Awesome :-)
Then there is mouse and keyboard and monitor
what monitoer do you recommend
Marius W.
I like the AOC's
they make really good monitors and aren't all the expensive either. For right around a hundred you can get a True HD monitor 24"
QNIX QX2414 Real 144Hz 24" LED 1920x1080 Full HD FPS Gaming Computer PC Monitor
think this will be good?
Marius W.
Looking at it now
Yeah as it's 144hz
and the price is right for a 144hz at that size
Sorry.. my net lagged out
it ok
Marius W.
Other than mouse and keyboard you are pretty much all set there
so everything is compatible and good to go?
Marius W.
Definitely and you built a little powerhouse there of a computer too
Marius W.
Great choices on your own too.
Good stuff
Marius W.
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