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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Great you. ?

Alex G.
Hello! How're you doing tonight!
Great you
Alex G.
Not bad! Thanks for asking!
Are you looking for some memory?
Trying to build a PC this Christmas
Alex G.
Awesome! are you going to be gaming on it?
Hell yea!
Alex G.
Good answer :-p
Which games?
Mostly steam games
Like LoL
Alex G.
So basically what I play haha
What's your budget?
like $1600
Alex G.
You're about to build one helluva computer :-p
So let's start with the GPU.
GTX 970 is a good start. I doubt you want to spend over 1/3 of the price on a GPU.
I forgot to mention
That im looking to build a dual mon comp
so I guess ill up the budget
Alex G.
So $1600 with the monitors included?
like around $2000
Alex G.
Okay :-p
Are you okay with the GTX 970 still?
I still think it's the way to go
Alex G.
After that I think the i5 is the best choice.
Alex G.
It'll perform just as good as the i7 in gaming
i7 is overpriced
Alex G.
I'm with you there.
So an i56600k
I added it for you
I'll add a 970 as well
Do you like EVGA?
I freaked out
Alex G.
Why's that?
Thought I disconnected from chat
Alex G.
Nope! you're good!
I'll be here haha
Got the cpu
Alex G.
Okay, so Mobo next.
I like Asus for that.
Or Gigabyte.
which one is better
Alex G.
I really think it's a tie personally
I added an ASus for you to check out
Tell me if you like the way it looks
It's packed full of features
looks nice!
Alex G.
Glad you like it :-)
Why does it have 3 eggs as a review? xD
Alex G.
could be due to it being a new platform
They likely fixed all the new bios issues that warranted the bad eggs
That gigabiteone looks nice
Alex G.
I recently put that in a friends computer
he loves it
Sounds Good!
Now onto mem right?
Alex G.
Some nice DDR4 for you!
what type though
Alex G.
Corsair is my favorite
Or Mushkin.
Is 16gb enough?
I play like 4-8 hours daily
Alex G.
Since you like the red
And only play like 4 different games
Looks nice!
Alex G.
So add that to the cart then!
Now we'll find a PSU
Alex G.
So just the one GPU for now.
Do you think you'll add more later down the road?
To be honest I have no idea
This is my first time building a PC
Alex G.
I'll get you one that will be safe to upgrade in the future.
I've had a Laptop for like 10 years
Not the same one
Alex G.
Haha, that'd be an ancient laptop :-p
Here's the PSU
Can get something cheaper if you want. I just wanted to get a high quality PSU as it's one of the more important parts that needs to last a long time.
How long we talking? 5 years?
Alex G.
I've had my Seasonic platinum for six years so far.
and I plan on using it far into the future.
660 right
Alex G.
SSD or HDD or both?
Yes, the 660
can go up to an 860 for another $30
whats the diffrence
more power
Alex G.
860 has more power.
Alex G.
In case you upgrade in the future and need more power
What is SSD and HDD xD
I'm soo new to this
Alex G.
SSD is basically pure speed while a HDD is large amounts of space at slower speeds.
Whats it for
Alex G.
I usually use both.
To store your files
Games / Movies / Music
Alex G.
I'll do one of each
Both would work
Alex G.
I added both to the list
The SSD is to put windows and your games on. HDD is for all your movies and music.
Alex G.
We need a case!
I added three.
Alex G.
Click on the light bulb to check them out.
Tell me what you think. It's a really fun case to build in.
I have been
Alex G.
Can show you more if you don't like the looks of that one.
Does it even matter that much
Alex G.
It's something you look at
If you like the look of it I think it matters
If you don't care what it looks like then it doesn't matter
Alex G.
Monitor time!
What's your cart at?
price wise.
1 sec
Alex G.
Alex G.
Let me know how much room we have for monitors.
that was the first item right?
Alex G.
The GPU, yes.
Alex G.
Can save you a quick 50 bucks on the GPU if you're okay with using Asus.
Alex G.
We're only at 800?
Maybe I was taking it easy on.
Yes sir!
well 900
Alex G.
That's a crazy build for 900
Alex G.
You've got all the parts we talked about added?
8 items
Alex G.
that means we can get you some really nice monitors
Do you have a size in mind?
27 the standards
Alex G.
24 inch is standard for gaming
Alex G.
27 is becoming more popular.
Alex G.
I can show you an awesome 27inch
I don't really care up to you
Alex G.
We'll go through a couple.
since we have like $1100 left
Alex G.
I have an option that we could do
It's REALLY expensive
but it'd take care of both monitors.
Lets check it out!
Alex G.
Damn, it's sold out.
Alex G.
Ships in 5 to 10 days
Not really into curved
Alex G.
Okay :-p
Here is my next choice.
It's a 4k monitor that has 1ms response time.
That'd be eight thousand pixels on your desktop haha
If you got two
Is the stand adjustable?
Alex G.
The other route we could do is you get a cheaper monitor but a second GPU. Then you'd run all your games max graphics for the next 5 or 6 years.
Does't matter
Alex G.
Yes, that stand is super adjustable.
Alex G.
Up down tilt foward and back
and pivot
Whats the point of getting a second GPU
Alex G.
you'd be able to max out any game that is currently on the market
Max graphics max settings
and a ton of FPS
Whats wrong with one?
Alex G.
One will do everything
THink of it this one
One person can lift all the groceries
but two people makes it easier.
Alex G.
So you'll get more frames on a game with two
but one will still do the job you need it to do.
Better performance
Alex G.
Or, we could get one really powerful card
Which way is cheaper
Alex G.
One really powerful card would be slightly cheaper.
The best card on the market.
Which is easier to install?
Alex G.
They're both really easy to intall
the one card would be slightly less work
So we replae the GPU with the Powerful care
Alex G.
Yes, I added it.
Alex G.
It's the 980ti
ti stands for titanium.
This would be a backup monitor choice.
This monitor has a faster refresh rate as well.
Lets just stick with the 1 GPU
Alex G.
The first one we chose?
Yes, The very first one
Alex G.
Okay :-) I just wanted to make sure we explored all the options
Alex G.
Do you like that monitor from Asus?
I think the Benq looks better
also cheaper
Alex G.
I use Benq
Have for 5 years so far
I love them.
whats that?
Alex G.
The disk drive
Alex G.
So you can install windows and play dvd's and stuff
Didn't see it correctly
Alex G.
I forgot about it
That would have sucked
Alex G.
Since we're far under budget
Are you interested in a cooler for your CPU?
Helps it run at lower temperatures
Alex G.
That's a sleek option
Don't let the water cooling scare you. It's all prebuilt. All you do is screw it on.
Comes with instructions.
Heard that the wc was for top gaming
like overkill
is it worth?
Alex G.
It is used for overclocking and cooling
I think it's worth it. Having your parts at lower temperatures extends the life of the piece
Imagine living in the desert vs living in the midwest :-p
I see
Alex G.
I can show you a cheaper option though!
Looks good
Alex G.
This whole computer is gonna look sick!
Just curious. Which color case did you like the most?
I just took gray
save 20 bucks
Why not?
Alex G.
I think it looks better personally
Okay okay. I think we've got every piece.
Do you need a mouse and keyboard?
Alex G.
With both monitors? That's awesome
Alex G.
We can look at some keyboards
Alex G.
Okay! Have you ever used a mechanical keyboard?
Alex G.
I really like them
The input is so much better feeling.
Whats the diffrence
from a normal one
Alex G.
So your average one uses membrane switches
They're basically just piece of rubber
Mechanical used a mechanical switch that has metal in it
It lasts much longer and provide a tactile feedback when pressed.
Aren't they louder
Alex G.
There are some that are louder
It depends on the type of switch
Blue are very loud.
The switches that I use are brown. They're quiet.
I would really like a quiet one
Alex G.
That has the brown switches. The same ones I use.
They're made in Germany.
The front plate of that keyboard is a solid plate of aluminum
Why so much space?
in the front
Alex G.
That's a piece you can detach if you don't like it
It's a wrist rest
Alex G.
I don't use it either.
thought it was a cover
to cover the keys
Alex G.
It's a soft touch plastic rest :-p
when you're done
Alex G.
It also has media controls in the top right corner.
I see
looks nice
Alex G.
It is very nice :-p
Kind of the finishing touch on your build
Here's a mouse if you're interested.
Whats the red button ?
Alex G.
It's a button that you can either use to lower your sensitivity
or you can map it to whatever you want
With a program that comes with the mouse.
So like slow or fast
Alex G.
They call it a sniper button.
Press it once it'll go super slow
press it again it'll go back to normal
So its the windows setting
Alex G.
The program will change it
on a button
Alex G.
It comes with a program that lets you customize all of that.
Alex G.
Do you need windows?
Alex G.
Windows 10 or 7?
8.1 would work if you can?
7 is better
Alex G.
Which version of 8 do you want?
but I really like the layout of 8.1
the normal version
without the business addon
Alex G.
I got yah :-)
Im not sure this would work
Could I take the Windows 8.1 I have on my Laptop to my computer?
Alex G.
Did that copy come on it when you bought the laptop?
but no cd
Alex G.
Some companies like Lenovo have CD key's that are specific to the laptops they come on.
or anything
I have a HP
Alex G.
I don't know if HP does it.
I had a lenovo that did it to me
What you can do is get a copy of windows on a flash drive and try
If you don't have a CD you'll have 30 days to get one.
CD key*
I got my Laptop like 4 years ago
Alex G.
You could always try it
If it doesn't work you'll have 30 days to get a key
You don't need a key to install it.
Alex G.
If you know anyone in college you can get a key from their school for like 7 bucks
Alex G.
That's one sick computer we've got set up!
I'm a little jealous haha. I like building computers.
Thanks for helping me out!
Alex G.
You're very welcome! It was fun!
Long but fun
Alex G.
Is this something you're ordering tonight?
Very long haha. One of the longer chats I've had so far.
Probably not tonight
Alex G.
Okay :-) well if you decide to order at a later time and still have some questions feel free to come chat again
Just add it all to your cart. It'll save it for you.
Ok how do I save your contact
Alex G.
you can start another chat and request to speak with me
They can transfer you to me
SO are you like my goto guys on this site
Alex G.
If you request a chat you'll be sent to one of us
We can all transfer to one another.
Sounds Good!
Alex G.
Awesome! Great talking with you :-)
Thanks again!
Have a great night!
Alex G.
Sure thing! You too!
Alex G.
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