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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, got anything 34'' uhd ultra wide with gsync?

Spencer J.
Hello, welcome to Newegg!
Can I help you find a gaming monitor?
got anything 34'' uhd ultra wide with gsync?
Spencer J.
One moment please.
was thinking an ultrawide would do better with my single 980ti than a 4k
Spencer J.
Ah ok
none this size with Gsync unfortunately. We only have 28" UHD with Gsync
ok thanks
what about 4k?
Acer XB280HK i see this one, but what is your opinion about acer? they always seemed to be the knockoff brand walmart carries lol
Spencer J.
Yeah, that is the only one I can find as well. In my opinion Acer is much better than they used to be, and the quality is pretty good. I use an Acer monitor myself but only 1080P
ok one last question, I'm not a twitch gamer by any stretch, more into survival, rpg, rts ect. Is gsync going to be really that important to me?
I am however a graphics junky
Spencer J.
It is not needed in my opinion. WIth a fast enough system/Monitor running at over 60Hz there are only very rare cases screen tear and stutter will occur anyway.
yeah i only notice it in some games, but with alot of these crap ports its usually stuck at 30 anyways. my cpu is running @ 4.6ghz and i got 16ghz of memory @ 2133 so i think i'm good in that regard
Spencer J.
Yeah, you should be fine
Alright well ty Spencer, been a pleasure. I guess I'll focus a bit more on that Acer 4k. Do you think I'll have any problems running games on high/ultra settings with just 1 980ti?
Spencer J.
I do not, the 980 Ti is very fast and will run any current game 4K smoothly
ok great. thanks alot
Spencer J.
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