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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, and will windows 8 or 7 be a better fit for a gaming pc. ok cool. also with about a 1.5k budget what is the best graphics card i can get with enough money for sutible (but decent) pieces. sorry im sort of new what do you mean by combos. like the ones premade?

Adrian P.
Do you have any questions for me today?
When you have the drivers for a computer will they need to automaticly be updated
and will windows 8 or 7 be a better fit for a gaming pc
Adrian P.
well if you have windows 8 or 10 they will auto update
ok cool
also with about a 1.5k budget what is the best graphics card i can get with enough money for sutible (but decent) pieces
Adrian P.
why not looka t the combos?
sorry im sort of new what do you mean by combos
like the ones premade?
i wanted to kind of build one mysekf
Adrian P.
we have part combos
that come with all the things you would need for a decent pc
and you build it yourself for one price
i have a list of the things that i thought right now
its in a google docs one sec
ASUS Z97-A ($135)


Intel Core i7-4790K ($300)

CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO ($30)


Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz ($86)

Graphics Card

EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked 4GB ($490)


Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD ($78)

Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda 2TB ($65)

DVD Drive

Asus 24x DVD Burner ($21)


Corsair Carbide Series Black 400R Mid Tower ($90)

Power Supply

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 Watts G2 80+ GOLD Fully Modular ($110)
Adrian P.
well can i show you a combo just so you can see it?
Adrian P.
these come with everything you'd need
inlcuding grapics card
do they know how this will run on crisis and other large games
Adrian P.
this one willr un gta v at max settings
same with fallout
and of course crysis
Adrian P.
it their a way to change up the case
becasue dk if i like thatone that much
Adrian P.
but illlook for more
well i guess i could just order those parths but seperatly
I was looking into the corsair obsidian 750
ya as said i was kind of wantign a window for the machine
because i was planing on having a black and red design
Adrian P.
i mean you can always sell this case
get a new one
ya i guess
Adrian P.
yeah the cool ones are sold out
are these sold out
Adrian P.
oh wow!
no its not
it showed it was
but i guess they just brought them out
you got lucky
well im just planning on it
i guess i better make it wuick than
is this any diffrent in the game spead
Adrian P.
yeah actually
they will load faster
just make sure to install windows on the ssd
and all the games on the regular hard drive
o ya
also i already ordered the razer deathadder chroma and the chroma black widow do you guys sell a large mouse pad for a curved desk
Adrian P.
idk i cant find a curved one
Adrian P.
i dont think so
if i bout a large one and than cut it would that work or would the insides of the mouse pads come out
idk whats ina mosue pad
Adrian P.
you could
I mean theres no tech in it
its mostly paddings
you can just seal it back up with glue
i know but some are like gell filrd memory foam or something
Adrian P.
yeah dont do the gell filled ones lol they suck
and tech tips for setting the computer up
like what do you need to buy before besides the parts
i understand like the parts but are their any wires or anything we need
besided windows disk
Adrian P.
just the mouse and keyboards
got that
My monitor
With the games im using what is the best resolution
Adrian P.
as long as your monitor supports dvi you should be fine
and if im getting multible monitors
anything i need
Adrian P.
the computer should support it
when i get them do the wires go into the same place or does their bea n addaptor
Adrian P.
should all be plug and play
Adrian P.
so the wires should fit with each other
and when the wires are put in is their a way to make them the colors i want
Adrian P.
not sure
do you play cod on pc because i keep hearing that the game crashes in zombies alot
could that be with their machines or not
Adrian P.
not much anymore
ya cuz when i was on der riese round like 67 the game crashed
thats what made me start looking into this
Adrian P.
i cant even make it to 10
jug all the way
Adrian P.
idk do you know where i can get cheap but nice led strips
mabey even ones that change colors o_o
match the chroma :-)
thats cool
Adrian P.
theey are pretty cheap
thought they where more :-)
Adrian P.
is their a way to show the colors changeing or is just one color at a time
Adrian P.
you'd have to find the multicolor ones
guessint those are more money
Adrian P.
i wouldnt know i duont use them :\
how much does liquid cooling cost
and are they seperate or are they parts that are needed
like automaticly intograte
Adrian P.
they are separate
but id try with what you got
should be fine
what does liquid cooling do
does it make it faster or is it not necessary
Adrian P.
not necessary
what does it to than
Adrian P.
just a way to keep the processor cool
and will that speed up the pc or no
Adrian P.
so it just lowers the temp
Adrian P.
Adrian P.
its like a spoiler on a car
its there but not needed
it works but its just for looks
Adrian P.
Adrian P.
what kind of pc do you have
Adrian P.
right now a gaming msi laptop
o ok
What other cool things can you do to a gaming set up
Adrian P.
upgrade it
and modify it
i mean like visuals
so it looks cooler and also
will this one run quite
or naw
Adrian P.
its quiet enoug
also what do you do when you have no room on your desk
O currently have this pc on my floor
but i keep having to clean the filter thing out and it gets dog hair in it
Adrian P.
thats all you
Adrian P.
any other questions for me?
No not really but have a good night or day what ever time it is for you
Adrian P.
its night
well peace dude
much love
Adrian P.
Adrian P.
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