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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, absolutely. I'm looking for something to use on both xbone and pc

Nathan R.
good afternoon and welcome to newegg! can I help you find a gaming monitor?
I'm looking for something to use on both xbone and pc
Nathan R.
ok, most monitors will be compatible with both devices. are you looking for higher resolution for PC or is 1080p fine?
currently using 1080 ultra wide, not actually sure if my hardware will support 1440 in elite: dangerous and still max out settings
Nathan R.
ok, what are you running on your PC?
so probably stick with 1080 i guess
its the 4770k, gtx970
Nathan R.
you should be fine at 1440 with that setup. I run a 4770 and a 970 and i can max most games at that resolution
how will the xbone look on it though
wont the monitor be downscaling to 1080 from it
Nathan R.
it will be downscaling but you won't notice any artifacts
no latency increase?
Nathan R.
not enough to be noticeable, particularly with console games whicvh are mostly locked at 30fps anyway
1440 it is
I'd like to keep it at least 27" if not bigger
does brand make a difference ?
Nathan R.
I really like ASUS displays. They make some really great 1440p monitors that come in under the $400 mark's a lot cheaper than I thought it would be
the ones I saw were in the 600 range
400 is better!
Nathan R.
check these out!
the only other thing I just don't have any inkling on is refresh rate.
everyone has been raving over 144hz monitors, but...
what's the benefit, and is it really worth it? they seem to be much more expensive
Nathan R.
the benefit of a higher refresh rate is to be able to take advantage of higher frame rates but if you're not gaming competitively, you can avoid dropping the extra cash on it
ok. not gonna argue with saving money
thanks for your help! I think I like that 27" asus in the link you sent.
Nathan R.
it's the same one i have and I love it. great color reproduction and it's a gorgeous display
the $329 one?
Nathan R.
which one are you seeing listed at $329?'s refurbished...
dang. not sure i wanna risk that
Nathan R.
new is always best...and yes, that is the exact same display i have
ok...I see it new for 419. That's still not bad at all
Nathan R.
it's a really good price for that display.
Yea. The one's I was reading reviews on were all like $600+, so I'm happy with 419.
Awesome, well, thanks for your help! I appreciate it!
I got it in cart, gonna swing by the other pc peripherals before I check out
Nathan R.
you're welcome! glad I could help out!
Nathan R.
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