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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, why are none of these gaming laptops equipped with 6th gen intel. do you sell any that are?

Marius W.
Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you today? What questions do you have for me?
why are none of these gaming laptops equipped with 6th gen intel
do you sell any that are?
Marius W.
Looking at your link
There are laptops with the new 6th gen. Not sure what those laptops are associated with
not gaming apparently.
thanks for your help.
I will look elsewhere.
Marius W.
You are so welcome.. not entirely sure I understand your question
As we do have a lot that do have the 6th gen processor
intel 6th gen processor on a laptop geared for gaming
Marius W.
We have a lot of those
get it
Marius W.
Got it
Do you get it?
We have. y u no wanna see?
want to send me a link
like I did for you
Marius W.
Sure :-) Happily so. Please hold a moment as I get a link for you. Thank you so much.
That link you sent is what threw me off
not sure what that was associated with
Do you have a price range in mind?
looking at this one right now
Marius W.
That one is quite good too
thanks for your help
have a good week
Marius W.
You are so welcome. Thanks and you too :-)
you still here?
the laptop link I just sent you are the usb ports 3.0?
Marius W.
I will check
thank you
Marius W.
Some are 3.0 and some are 2.0
there are 4 what is the breakdown?
2 and 2?
3 and 1
Marius W.
Not entirely sure. Best I can find is that both are present on the laptop
The spec sheet doesn't seem complete
fair enough. you have done well and I appreciate it. Please extend our conversement with your manager and if he/she wishes to contact me. sorry, I have a customer # just not handy. :-)
Marius W.
YAY!! :-) Thanks. Appreciate it. I am the manager here. Appreciated though.
Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your week. Happy Holidays :-)
you as well
Marius W.
Marius W.
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