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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Sup. My harddrive in my computer is failing, and I'm looking for a replacement.

Mark N.
Hi, I see you're looking at ssds, how can i help?
Sup. My harddrive in my computer is failing, and I'm looking for a replacement.
I would like to get a drive that I can use in a future build when finances allow me to build a good machine
Mark N.
How much storage were you looking to get?
I have a tb now, but i'm not really sure how much I need.
I mostly save a lot of pictures, youtube and play games. I only play wow now, because thats all this computer can handle. And that is with the graphics turned down
Mark N.
Ahh okay, were you looking to get an ssd or a hard disk drive?
I would like to get away from hard drives. I think they are getting phased out, correct?
Mark N.
Yeah they are beginning to
I'll get a hard drive if that is all I can really afford, but I don't really want to get something i'll be replacing within a year.
Mark N.
would 120gb be enough storage for you? If so, 120gb ssds are cheaper than hard drives
I'm not sure. How can I find out?
I know the hard drive from my old XP computer was too small to clone to.
Mark N.
You can go to file explorer and view your drive to see how much you have left
157 used
759 of 916 free space
Mark N.
You would need to go with 250gb then
And those seem to be in the price range i was looking at too. Is there a specific one I should get, or avoid?
I'm currently looking at refurbished also. Is that ok?
Mark N.
I would go with samsung's 850 series. and I would never get a refurbished drive
Ok. I really do appreciate your help
Mark N.
Glad to help out, did you have any questions about the drive? Or anything else for that matter?
I'm just trying to find what you mentioned.
Mark N.
No, this is what I was referring to sorry
Nice! that is a lot cheaper than what I was looking at
Will i need to buy cables? I'm not sure if my power supply can connect to that
Mark N.
You need one of these
and one of these
dude, thank you so much
Mark N.
Just doing my job :-)
Will i need a power supply adaptor?
or is that the one you linked?
Mark N.
It's the first thing I linked :-)
sweet! i'll place my order now
Will this help my game performance also?
I would like to get a video card etc, but my current case can't even hold a large graphics card.
Mark N.
It'll only help load times in games. I can recommend some tiny yet powerful graphics cards if you like
I'm rock'n a dell from 2012. Think it is worth it?
Mark N.
Yeah, the cpus in those are pretty powerful still
i have an i5
Well, i'll be back after next payday. The holidays have me stretched pretty thin.
Mark N.
It's okay haha, same way here
thanks again. later
Mark N.
Have a great new year :-)
Mark N.
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