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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, ssd. what is better 850 EVO or intel 535. I have a intel 330 that is full it's only a 60 GB drive. thats why i need a upgrade

Marius W.

Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you today? See you are looking at hard drives
Marius W.
ok.. ssd's
How can I help you with that?
what is better 850 EVO or intel 535
Marius W.
850 EVO is the best SSD out there right now
I have a intel 330 that is full it's only a 60 GB drive
thats why i need a upgrade
Marius W.
Yeah that's not much at all
850 would be a great jump up
and an SSD so better in all ways
what happened to intel
they used to be the leader in ssd
Marius W.
No. Samsung is definitely the way go with SSD's
850 EVO is really the best one out there
not that Intel is bad.. just Samsung did it better
the 330 I have not was $300 new
Marius W.
Yeah.. theyve come down in price in the past year
would this be the one
Marius W.
taking a look
Yeah that is the one
it' beats the 60GB I have now
Marius W.
It sure does as it is 500GB's
that's like a 600% increase in capacity
how long is the warrenty
Marius W.
Warranty is 3 years
What is going on with Intel CPUS for skylake
Marius W.
What do you mean?
If you want to know more then that is a good place to start
out of stock
Marius W.
Yeah. Out of stock. No idea when they are coming back as we aren't told by newegg and no way for us to find out
i want to upgrade but cant
Marius W.
Yeah... a lot of people are waiting for them to be in stock again. They were today but sold out in minutes. Was a bit ridiculous
git to buy new ram too
got to
Marius W.
Sounds good
do you have to buy new ram
since it's DDR4
Marius W.
what is DDR4?
Not sure what you are asking?
You need to match what your motherboard takes
i was told skylake takes DDR4
Marius W.
Has nothing to do with it. Motherboard is what decides.
Motherboard uses RAM not the processor
Marius W.
Yes that specific motherboard uses DDR4, correct
whice means I cant use DDR3 in it
Marius W.
With that motherboard you would need ddr4
do DDR3 wont fit in a DDR4 slot
Marius W.
No. You can't mix
what do you recommend for a DDR4 kit
Marius W.
G.Skill is a great way to go
Corsair is awesome
Crucial makes great RAM
buy the cheapest
Marius W.
They are all around the same price. Good to look for sales
GTX 970 any good
Marius W.
It's great
quite powerful
which one would you buy
Marius W.
What do you mean? Buy of what?
Which RAM?
Which video card?
brand of 970
Marius W.
EVGA is great. ASUS rocks. MSI is great. Sapphire does good things
ok thanks
Marius W.
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