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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, possibly though if u were able to help with a few questions it'd be greatly appreciated. would choosing an affordable enterprise ssd for a boot drive in conjunction with 950 pro be a ciable solution for an x99 build using windows 7 pro or ultimate or possibly 8.1 pro?

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you looking to upgrade your PC with a fast new M.2?
possibly though if u were able to help with a few questions it'd be greatly appreciated
Jesse A.
Thats what I'm for!
How can I help you? :-)
would choosing an affordable enterprise ssd for a boot drive in conjunction with 950 pro be a ciable solution for an x99 build using windows 7 pro or ultimate or possibly 8.1 pro?
viable* not ciable
Jesse A.
A 950 Pro on an X99 board to boot is a really good idea.
definitely but
Jesse A.
As far as a storage SSD, you have tons of options. The Samsung 850 Evos are really fast in the 2.5in form factor
i was kinda considering enterprise ssd offerings due to longevity and ecc/ end to end protection factor, i'm not clear as to whether 950 pro offers end to end protect or data corruption detection features
Jesse A.
I'm not sure about that, but I know they have really amazing performance and special tech to keep them running well.
and ok if was to go with 950 pro, what OS (besides windows 10) and mobo would u recommend that would fully support the drive's performance and
be able to tolerate the potentially high temps (up to 97C) it produces? was thinking of using it in pcie converter to avert heat issues possibly
Jesse A.
No, you won't want to use a converter
You will want to bolt this baby right to the motherboard.
What kind of work do you intend to do? I can find a motherboard that will fit your needs
for mobo not looking to overclock right away, if at all, more interested in stability and having no problems posting right out of the box after setup
all around; create, possible future render, gaming, nothing specializing in any 1 area
more interested in a stable board with a user friendly uefi that will easily be able detect the 950 pro without any headaches
Jesse A.
I gotcha.
I think I know a good one
i know asus has an excellent uefi but
Jesse A.
They do
i was lookin at the asus ws/e 3.1 but with that board the form factor is a tad, well ive never worked with a ssi ceb board b4
kinda like an atx but wider right?
Jesse A.
I'm not even sure.
I have not worked with that form factor either
Do you want the X99 chipset for sure?
or let me ask you this. is there a board u know for sure hasnt had any compatibility issues with 950 pro lately?
Jesse A.
Have there been issues reported?
well.. i might consider z170 if not for the overpriced and crappy entry level 6700k
which seems like it would only be a matter of time until the chip bends in a desktop build
due to the thin substrate
Jesse A.
I've never thought of something like that
intel lists an msrp for around 350 for those but then ramps it up by 100-200+ just cuz its new and near the holidays. and bending issues reported with chip already, most likely due to peoples irresponsibility, but like i said, the substrate is thin, seems like the only cooler that would be safe for longevity would be intel
s recommended one, which is sold seperately and which just adds another reason to dislike the chip at this moment lol
Jesse A.
Oh my
Lets look at some good old X99 hardware :-)
if u google bent skylakes u will find more than a few articles on respected sites about it already
Jesse A.
I will have to do that
intels reply has basically been owell
Jesse A.
ikr? and they just came out for fcks sake
i mean if u r careful, theyll last
with an aftermarket cooler or water cooling
ya was considering that one as well
reliable, decent warranty
Jesse A.
Ya, ASUS TUF line is really cool
but if i wanted to do dual xfire in the future, where would the pcie converted 950 pro fit?
Jesse A.
For the 950 Pro, I recommend getting a motherboard that has an M.2 slot built into it for the highest speed
that last slot is pcie 2 no?
right but u dont think that the drive might eventually warp the pcb due to potential heat issues?
Jesse A.
Looks like 2x 3.0, 1x 2.0, 1x 1.0
No, that won't be an issue.
and the 950 is pcie.3 iirc?
what do u think of this...
Jesse A.
It is PCIe 3.0
xeon 1650 v3 (overclockable btw, just most ppl dont know it), 32g ecc 2133, 950 pro, fury x, asus x99 deluxe 3.1?
Jesse A.
That sound amazing
for use with a wqhd freesync monitor (asus)
Jesse A.
Even better!
btw do they have openings for work at newegg for this job part time? would love to apply if so
esp if able to be done from home
Jesse A.
We're with a chat service called Newegg. I don't think its open right now, but if Newegg likes us enough, we'll be back and there will be more openings.
It is done from home :-)
If you decide to purchase something during or just after this chat, it helps our numbers, which will help ensure the team comes back
going to buy sys from newegg, only way able to do it, so that is a given but just figured i'd ask
Jesse A.
No problem! I'm happy to hear it!
if i'm familiar with hardware and building would that be enough to qualify?
or do they require a certification?
Jesse A.
Those are two very important things. Hvaing a Newegg purchase history and having worked with high-end components like these also helps.
The only certification is through Needle themselves
Jesse A.
Just some typing tests and some practice chats
awesome will check it out thanks a ton for that. so what do u think of asus deluxe vs ws vs saber?
Jesse A.
Lets see...
from what i understand samsung has released their own driver for the 950 pro now, along with migration software(evebn though i wont be needing it due to fresh build but)
Jesse A.
Oh thats good.
and is there much difference between plugging directly into m2 slot and using, say, the asus hyper kit that allows u to connect onto a pcie 3 slot?
i'd think itd be the same ting more or less no?
with the kit, u'd be able to rig a fan near it
Jesse A.
I'm not 100% sure, I've never worked with hardwre like that. But generally speaking, if you plug something into a converter, its going to lose some speed.
Do you have a link to that?
which would actually make some difference re heat dissipation ya getting link right now one sec
Jesse A.
A cool bit about the Sabertooth motherboard is the armor thats wrapped around it.
There are fans in it that cool the motherboard, and would cool the M.2 as well. wait that might not be the right one
Jesse A.
I don't think that kit is what you want
hmm u guys had it earlier i think im just not finding it one sec sry bout that
Jesse A.
No problem!
Jesse A.
I'm trying to find the M.2 ports on these motherboards. These form factors have proven to be quite confusing
Jesse A.
Oh! That makes a whole lot more sense
the wse 3.1 is ssi ceb basically atx but wider
Jesse A.
I gotcha
Jesse A.
Ya, that adapter is pretty much exactly what you need.
Ya know, maybe you don't lose as much as I thought you would.
only cuz they can get hot for one and ther is this too(was a rog forum post cant find it conveniently at moment tho, but saw the kit on newegg earlier not sure why not able to find now, its on amazon too and goes for like 15$ iirc
Jesse A.
Oh ok.
Well if its the only thing you have to go to Amazon for, I guess thats ok ;-)
but using the provided slot is better overall like u said, only comparable solution is the deluxe 3.1 which has a raiser for the drive
well, for any m.2
Jesse A.
Is that the only one with a built in M.2 slot?
they all have built in m.2 slots, embedded into the board, just that the deluxe has a riser that allows u to mount the card vertically on the side of the board
Jesse A.
Oh ok. Thats pretty nifty
The Sabertooth is a good option if you want to keep cool.
Jesse A.
Oh cool
actually, now that i look again it looks like they changed it to the hyperkit (prolly cheaper solution
Jesse A.
Oh ok
kit is right next to that umm wth is that looks like a zfire bridge
Jesse A.
There will be plenty of space for that
with 2 way future xfire and a 40 lane processor should be no conflicts i figure
but this is a revision, before they had a different mechanism for the m2 aside from plugging directly into board is all
Jesse A.
I don't think you'll have any issues. Plus you have some options with the different hardware to improve performance
ok dont mean to take up much of ur time and really appreciate your help, just couple questions more if u have a moment, what do u think re os? 7 pro (havent really gotten into 8.1 pro yet but seems like might be worth considering)? also, u think maybe it might be worth ditching the 950 pro altogether and just go with a couple decent ssds?
Jesse A.
No problem at all! :-) I'm happy to help with a PC thats going to be this amazing! I would go with 7 or 10. They act very similarly. I'm not a fan of 8 at all.
Moving away from the M.2 opens up a lot of options for you with 2.5in SSDs like the Samsung 850 and Corsair Neutron XT.
It also removes the possibility of your PCIe bandwith being messed with due to M.2 slots or PCIe slots being used for memory and not graphics
that is pretty much what somoene else told me too. true, tho there are a couple of enterprise ssds as well that have comparable read/write iops speeds
that arent too bad price wise either
Jesse A.
I think you might be better off with a 2.5in due to the limited bandwith.
I just read on the ASUS mobo that when the M.2 x4 slot is used, the x16 slot is deactiviated, knocking it down to x8
On the other hand, SATA is SATA. It works flat out
for the 3rd?
Jesse A.
on deluxe?
Jesse A.
but there would still be 2x16 if not mistaken no?
Jesse A.
I think the M.2 consumes that bandwith. I remember hearing someting similar when I was looking into PCIe SSDs earlier this year.
lookin into it as well
Jesse A.
1* The PCIe x16_3 shares bandwidth with M.2 x4. When M.2 socket is occupied, the PCIe x16_3 slot will be disabled.
The Samsung 850 Evo is the best option for a 2.5in SSD
ya was just reading that also, although still unsure whether they mean for 3rd slot or 2nd, as it shows 16x 3 using 40 lanes, but then has that note u mentioned
Jesse A.
Ya, these new memory options are a bit confusing.
I think its safe to assume the bandwith would be limited.
(x16, x16/x16, x16/x16/x8) *1
Jesse A.
i kinda like the workstation board better tbh
Jesse A.
ya. It has a ton of connectivity options
going to look into that and get back i guess but just wanted to ask, whats the thing with win 8.1 pro? just kinda barebones with a fake start menu and possible shutdown issues?
Jesse A.
Honestly, I know little to nothing about Win 8.1 versions. It took me 10min to figure out how to shut down a Win 8.1 machine and I was like "I'm done!" lol
i dont care for it much either, although it boots fast which is kinda nice
Jesse A.
I've been using Win 10 on my new laptop and its really pretty spiffy. Win 10 has that fast load time, better SSD support, and its much more like Win 7
true tho later on there was a sleep/hibernation issue after an update that arose which confused ppl with shutdown i guess
Jesse A.
I wasn't aware of that. I just didn't know I had to pull a thing open from the right side of the screen.
i would love to try win 10.1 pro or better but thing is
Jesse A.
I think there is just 10 Home and Pro right now.
its still evolving, and there have been various issues with it after updates
still goin thru growing pains i guess lol
Jesse A.
No doubt. I've had it bluescreen on me twice for no issue. I know theres nothing wrong with my hardware.
theres also enterprise and the one for students also
or maybe confusing the one for students with 7
Jesse A.
I'm not sure. I've never actually bought Windows lol. It always just comes on the system I'm buying.
believe it or not i havent had a blue screen since xp that i can recmember, well, not that i wasnt able to recover from i think maybe experienced 2 on 7
in the past 4 yrs
Jesse A.
I totally believe it. 7 has been so stable for me. I think I've seen it bluescreen only once and that was due to overheating anyway.
what do u think of 7 ultimate?
Jesse A.
Thats what I'm on right now!
Jesse A.
If you go X99, thatd be the best option since it can support so much RAM
that is basically enterprise without corporate licence bout the best version there is
Jesse A.
Tjat pr 1-
*That or 10
is it 10 at the moment or 10.1? and if 10, at leat pro ya?
Jesse A.
Simply 10 for now. It launched back in July. There are Home and Pro versions of 10
the other thing about 10 is the phoning home thing. i dont have anything to hide but the blatant privacy invasion of 10 by default just kind of irks me
u have to set it up a certain way and even then it still "phones home" i guess?
Jesse A.
Ya, it asks for a bunch of data when you first set it up. It's actually pretty extensive
bascially uses up ur resources as well as accesses everything, unless u take precautions to make sure certain stuff isnt enabled like cortana and other
Jesse A.
7 and 8 both phone home too for similar things, but 10 has a bunch of extras, which is the big difference.
I've never even thought to use Cortana
I have Google and a good keyboard.
tbh if i knew 10 was stable once and for all i'd have no problem confronting it
what kb would u recommend?
Jesse A.
I'm using a Corsair K70 RGB.
the new Corsiar Strafe RGB is also really good.
any favorite security suite that makes keylogging imposible u know of?
Jesse A.
Basically an improved K70
haha, not that I know of. I don't konw if its possible to disable that.
I've never really looked though
was thinkin of a decent pw manager along with an ai suite that handles much of that klike kaspersky, but kasp is not the user-friendliest either
Jesse A.
I use Avast for antivirus. It has a bunch of privacy and security stuff you can add on to it.
that is a nice kb was also lookin at it cherry brown mx switches on it? pr red?
Jesse A.
MX Brown is the version I have. It's the perfect blend of soft and stiff.
Jesse A.
Reds are good if you plan to do gaming primarily. Brown is much more versatile and easy to type on
plus its got some weight which feels nice too a nice metal shell as well iirc
Jesse A.
Oh ya, it has a really solid construction.
what would u recommend for reliable backup?
Jesse A.
I use Western Digital Black performance harddrives in my PC for mass storage.
was thinkin for home
Jesse A.
They have long 5 year warranties.
How much data do you have to store?
also was considering similar
Jesse A.
nothing at moment, will be a new build just needin a reliable backup that will last, was thinking umm samsung t1 portable or as similar
although its only 2-3 T tho
Jesse A.
Avoid harddrives with non-binary numbers
Such as 1.5, 3, and 5TB.
For some reason, they have a higher attrition rate across all brands. Its weird
and windows ultimate can be bought online i think i was tryin to find it here but not here or on ama , found on ebay but theres a better way than ebay i was thinking
Jesse A.
Where theres a will theres a way.
thanks a ton for your help, i appreciate it, goin to look at a few more things and come back, would like to get this done b4 xmas if possible. out of those 3 which would u choose? or would u go with something else altogether like rog 5 xtreme (or w/e its called u know the red one with the OC remote)
Jesse A.
I like the Sabertooth personally. The Rampage V Extreme U3 is pretty sweet too.
i mean if u have think another system would be a better bet i'll consider it
Jesse A.
You're pushing the boundies of the best hardware out there. Theres little that can be improved once you start considering X99 mobos
And Xeon chips
skylake is nice but would like to see what the extreme series will look like is all which will be out who knows when, 2q 16 a leat i think\
Jesse A.
Ya, not anytime soon
hell if zen was out now and was decent id consider it too lol
would be great to have some competition between the two
Jesse A.
I'm not really sure what Zen is actually.
u prolly disagree with choice of fury x, but its a good card and theyre gettin their game together a bit at a time seems like
plus alrdy ordered the freesync monitor so would have to return it to go green
amd's next lithography processor
Jesse A.
Oh no doubt. I've looked into the Fury X a bit. Solid card :-)
due to be released in '16 at some point
Jesse A.
Thatll be big
i figure by the time the pump can have any issues hopefully ill be able to get a proper loop on it
Jesse A.
It should be all good
or if not i dunno generally dont like water aio cards lol
might go with tri x instead for that reason as i am not big on wcling either
Jesse A.
Working with high-end components like you are, you have tons of options and ways to do things.
btw if u check out Toms hardware site, on the r9 390 review, ull be surprised by the benchmarks
anyhow thanks a ton and merry xmas/happy holidays ty lots for your time n advice, much appreciated
Jesse A.
haha I already have been!
You're welcome! Merry Christmas! Enjoy this sick new PC!
ya surprising right? looks like even 1 of those nitro 390's is ok for wqhd
Jesse A.
I was a bit disappointed to hear it beat the 970
i was pleasantly surprised tbh
when a company is able to reach near monopoly status its bad for all of us all around
Jesse A.
No doubt
then they get to be the only game in town, and nothing motivating them to genuinely improve or create quality components or control. u think if AMD zen was out now, and running well, that intel would maybe have done a better job? or been able to ramp up a 350$ chip to 500+ b4 the holidays?
Jesse A.
Competition is always going to drive inovation, of course. The problem with computing right now is we're actually starting to reach the bandwith limits of silicon itself.
well i seen it come down a bit in some places but still over 450
so 100 over their msrp
Jesse A.
Oh wow
anyhow thanks again maybe will ttyl on just goin to check some specs and get back in a bit
Jesse A.
No problem! Have a great night! I'll be here often over the next week, so if you pop into a chat and I don't pick up, ask for Jesse to see if I'm online :-)
ok will do thanks man, for all u know i may be able to get a pt job hopefully i wouldnt mind, it helps both ways i think ultimately
Jesse A.
You're welcome! It does
especially if the goal is to try and understand whats up at given moment in time with components
ok then ttyl thx again
Jesse A.
Thanks, you too! I'll be here! See ya soon! :-)
Jesse A.
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