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Q. visitor asked, Looking for a CPU cooler for an Intel I7 6700 Skylake

Spencer J.
Hello, welcome to newegg!
Looking for a CPU cooler for an Intel I7 6700 Skylake
Spencer J.
ok, one moment please.
this is a great cooler
for standard Air. Or did you prefer a liquid cooling setup?
Spencer. I'm building a PC for the first time so I don't know?
Spencer J.
No problem. For a first build I would get a standard Air cooled setup, and this Cooler master is a very good option. I am running it myself right now
Spencer, can you quote me this stuff?
Spencer J.
Intel Core i7-6700K
ASUS GA-Z170X Gaming Delux
Samsung 512 GB 950 Pro NVMe M.2
Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB
WD 4TB Caviar Black 7200 RPM
Crucial Ballistix Sport 32 GB DDR4
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SuperSC
Corsair RM650
Actually, can I email this list to you and you can add anything I'm missing?
Spencer J.
I am sorry, I am only able to contact directly through this chat.
OK, the missing item is a Case, Cooler Master HAF X 942
I'm not sure if I need cables or anything?
Spencer J.
Nope, all the needed cables come with motherboard/Power supply, etc..
One moment please while I put all this together
Spencer J.
what is the motherboard? You put Asus, but the model # is for a gigabyte :-p
Oh, My bad, ASUS GA-Z170X Gaming Delux
ASUS Z170 Deluxe
Spencer J.
Has a secondary M.2
Spencer J.
found it
should be around 319
Spencer J.
Guess I would need Windows 10 Pro as well
Is everything in stock?
Spencer J.
everything should be except the processor, currently.
Oh no, when is that due in?
Spencer J.
they are in pretty high demand, we should be getting them in the next week or so.
Ok need by 12.30.15
Spencer J.
we should have them then. You can signup for auto notify to get an email when available
OK, any discounts for this larger order?
Spencer J.
there is a small discount for motherboard/processor (when in stock) combo.
here is your full list
Cool, thanks Pal, can I just add this to my favorites and it will be there?
Spencer J.
yep :-)
Have a good day spencer, I want to edit photos and videos with this system, should work
Spencer J.
yes, it should :-)
Thank you, you have a good day as well!
Spencer J.
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