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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I'm not sure. I know it's 12 gb in my hp envy and says the crucial one is compatible. please! I want fast as possible. So these are faster than the crucial?

Richard L.
Hey there, what awesome gaming gear are you planning on getting from Newegg today?
is this compatible ith the vengeance pro that you have for sale at 69.99? The latter has 240 pins
Richard L.
show me the link to the vengance pro
To clarify, I know the crucial fis in my laptop
Richard L.
what type of memory is it?
I'm sorry I thought u could see the advertisement I see
Richard L.
i can see the crucial ram
but what type of ram are you trying to replace?
I'm not sure. I know it's 12 gb in my hp envy and says the crucial one is compatible
Richard L.
so crucial says that this one will work
and whats the link to the vengance one you were looking at?
Richard L.
ok, one sec
that vengance pro is for desktop
you need laptop ram
ill show you a recommended set ok?
please! I want fast as possible
Richard L.
one sec
these are the best that i can recommend at a cheaper price that the ones youre looking at :-)
So these are faster than the crucial?
Richard L.
they are the same speeds
ok the crucial are cheaper. Do u have a faster more expensive pair?
Richard L.
but you know that if the laptop cannot go up in speed then you wount get any additional benefits
what is the model number of your HP?
where do I find that?
Richard L.
ojn the bottom of it
not on bottom. hp envy 17in touchsmart I will find info
Richard L.
i see
its an all in one?
its just a laptop
Richard L.
on the bottom of the unit. there will be a model number
it might be behind the battery as well
its under battery bay we will lose connection
Richard L.
is your laptop plugged in?
no but I can and will duh!!!
Richard L.
ok so plug up and you can remove the battery to see the model #
Richard L.
how much ram is in it right now?
Richard L.
and why do you want to upgrade to 16?
because I want to make music on it. its slowing me down. I also want to put an ssd in
Richard L.
Richard L.
the ssd will help a lot more that the ram
i would spend the money on the ssd first
but 12 gb of ram is more than enough for music editing
i know but some of the software sucks on the ram
Richard L.
does your software recommend 16 gb of ram?
not just editing creating also. min of 8 gb
Richard L.
but music right?
Richard L.
i would leave the ram as it is and get the ssd
and the fastest ram that trha model can accomodate is the 1600
so getting faster ram will not make a difference
as this model does not have the capability to overclock or increase the speeds of the ram bus
ok. after the ssd if i still needed it then get it. ok. thanks ur very helpful
Richard L.
youre welcokme
1tb ssd, any suggestions?
Richard L.
if you need tons of storage
i tb is definitely the way to go
get a samsung or intel if you can afford them :-)
ill show you one or 2 ;-)
My software will fill atleast half by itself
Richard L.
what software is that?
that uses 500 gb of space?
are you sure?
Yep. i own a lot of it
Superior Drummer alone covers 300gb
Richard L.
thats crazy
so maybe you should get a 2 tb ssd?
yeah man, ok!!! Show me!
Richard L.
one sec
Should i get 2 2tb or just use the tb that came with it as a second?
Richard L.
does it have 2 hd slots?
i dont think it does
Richard L.
the get the single 2 tb and use the 1 tb as storage for regular files
until you need more storage
did you look at the drive i sent you?
it won't slow me down at all?
Richard L.
Richard L.
as long as you install windows on the 2 tb ssd ;-)
good. that's the plan.. Thanks for the freedom my man
Richard L.
You're welcome, please dont hesitate with any questions that you might have in regards to making your purchase at newegg :-)
cool. gotta run but let me say JESUS CHRIST loves u bro, later
Richard L.
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