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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I was looking at the Adata 480GB SSD on sale at Newegg, but I think it might have some issues.

Spencer J.
Hello, welcome to Newegg!
Can I help you with a hard drive?
I was looking at the Adata 480GB SSD on sale at Newegg, but I think it might have some issues.
Spencer J.
what are your worries about it?
My Corsair in my old Dell laptop is only about 212 MB and I could use more space.
Some reviews say that Windows 10 freezes after a transfer or even Windows 7 freezing during use.
I', currently running Windows 7 and might want to upgrade to 10. Is Windows 10 stabel?
Spencer J.
Ah, i see. Looks like Intel RST LPM is not supported causing this. It can be disabled though and should run fine.
Spencer J.
Yes, overall windows 10 is stable
I had a problem months ago where I got some kind of virus and NONE of my programs would execute. I had to wipre it, install Windows 7 from my DVD and call Microsoft for authetication.!
I'm afraid of the same issue and am waiting for it to become widely accepted.
Spencer J.
Hmm, that is strange. I have been using 10 on multiple systems around a month before it was released. It was a little unstable then, but no issues since release.
Basically, all I could see was my desktop, and EVERY time I tried to run any program it would start, then disappear, and back to the desktop. There was no way to restore the operating system.
Spencer J.
ouch, sorry to hear that.
With my very old Dell Inspiron laptop, I can no longer get Windows updates to work. So I did notice that Windows 10 was faster and worked fine until the strange virus attack.
Norton Security couldn't run and it failed to detect it.
Ultimately, Windows 10 might work better than Win 7 on this old laptop. I keep getting popups to upgrade to Windows 10. There are no conflicts.
Spencer J.
I know there has been numerous updates to 10 since release. I would give it another try.
In the event of another problem, could I re-install Windows 7?
Spencer J.
I also have an Intel I5 quad core desktop that is eligible for the free upgrade.
It's running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
8 GB ram DDR3 RAM.
Plus a Samsung 840 1 TB SSD.
So it's not slow like this laptop.
Spencer J.
Oh I see. Yeah SSD's are nice :-)
I'm a retired computer network communications technician and I miss working on PCs. I have never owned a name-brand PC and always put mine together at home.
Spencer J.
Nice :-) That is the best way I think. Unless you need a laptop
The only name-brand is this Dell laptop (which was for my daughter and now she uses her smartphone and tablet). So I make use of the laptop.
It's in the living room where our gas heater resides (warm and cozy).
Spencer J.
haha, sounds comofrtable
I have been looking at Newegg sales to build a modern, fast computer, but it gets real confusing with so many choices and potential incompatibilities.
Spencer J.
Yea, I would actually recommend using, they have compatibility filters, and are great for planning new builds.
prices and rebates keep fluctuating and there never seems to be a time where all of your desired components are reasonably priced (on sale).
Yes, I just found out about that website and I think it's a great help.
Spencer J.
Yeah, for the best prices on everything though, it is difficult to buy everything at once.
I was chatting with Gigabyte and they recommend going with a Haswell or Skylake processor. Intel generation 4 is cheap because it's old technology now. My concern is that the reviews on the newest motherboards aren't so great.
Spencer J.
Yeah, I think there are a few issues there though, the models are much newer, a lot of the technology is newer so there are more issues, but eventually Bios updates etc.. should fix most things.
Generation 4 is proven, but some reputable PC review websites say that the generation 4 is a dying technology. I don't want the bleeding edge technology (expensive), but I also don't want to buy into outdated components. A lot of times, support is discontinued. I read that AMD is now dropping support on their older graphics cards. Something new is out and that's all they support now. I'm wondering if they are losing market share.
That makes me want to stay clear of the AMD Radeon graphics cards.
Spencer J.
Yeah. I would probably just go with the late generation, better future proofing, and pretty much only the processor is what costs more. Motherboards, RAM, etc.. costs about the same. And as for Video cards I believe nvidia is higher quality, they are also much more efficient generating less heat for a similar performing card.
I was looking at the Cyberpower PC website and wondered whether or not they could be cheaper than trying to put all of the components together on my own.
Spencer J.
In most cases putting your own together is still a bit cheaper I have found. But of course more work is involved :-)
They also offer some interesting. Instead of water cooling, they have a TEC electric CPU cooler.
I've never seen that prior to looking at Cyberpower. I own an electric food cooler (12VDC) and it does work.
Think about it. There's no coolant to ever leak,.
It simply extracts heat electrically.
Spencer J.
Hmm, I will have to look into that.
Seems interesting
It's at least a step above regular air cooling.
Spencer J.
The product name starts with a V andmight be Valiant. It's on their website under the cooling options.
That definitely intrigues me and I will have to call Cyberpower.
Spencer J.
Nice :-)
Plus, it's not expensive.
So that's my story. I keep looking at PC parts.
I'm even having trouble deciding on a case. The Corsair 840 is reasonable on Amazon for $ 101.
My desktop case is an Antec tower. It's solid and no plastic.
Spencer J.
Nice :-)
Most of the Corsair ones are as well.
the 750D is a good option
I do like the 750D and the sale is off now.
Spencer J.
Ah dang. that case is my favorite so far.
I have a EVO 212 CPU cooler that I never used because I don't think it will fit in my current Antec case. I look at wide cases now.
I think I need at least 9.25 inches in width.
Spencer J.
yeah, I have that cooler, I thought it would not fit, but barely did
They are difficult to find. Most people like the mid-tower cases and can easily transport them.
Spencer J.
I currently have the Corsair Carbide Spec-03, its only a mid tower.
How does that cooler work for you?
Spencer J.
but I want to upgrade to a full, I need more space :-)
the Cooler actually works great
That's sounds like me
I should be using that cooler instead of the stock Intel cooler.
Spencer J.
Yeah, it may do better. not to big a deal if you are below max temps though
In the summer, my temps get high and I would prefer better cooling.
Spencer J.
Ah, yeah
I thought the Corsair 840 looked like a nice design until I read some reviews about it having a lot of air cracks and only one dust filter.
Then I looked at the 750D and saw that it is more like my Antec.
A little wider
I'm dying to try my EVO 212
Spencer J.
haha, I bet :-p
I was looking at Haswell versus Skylake CPUs and the Skylake seem to run cooler. What do you think? I read that the Devils Canyon cpus run HOT.
Spencer J.
Yeah, Skylake has a little better performance, but uses less power and runs cooler
From what I've been reading, Skylake processors are more efficient than previous designs and I'm leaning towards the I5 instead of the expensive I7.
An unlocked Skylake I5 can reach a decent clock rate.
I was thinking it might be useful to include a temperature monitor.
Spencer J.
Yep, that would do pretty good still.
That way I could tweak settings and observe my cpu and case temps
Spencer J.
Yep :-)
What brand motherboard do you prefer? I have an Asus Deluxe in my desktop. It has a lot of features for a design that's over six years old.
Spencer J.
Asus, has very good quality, and the best features I have seen, my next choice would be Gigabyte
That's what I've been reading.
They tend to be expensive, but you really do get what you pay.
Spencer J.
Yeah, you do.
Dell has really gone downhill. Bestbuy told me not to buy any Dell machine (I was just browsing).
I worked on Dell PCs during my entire career (almost).
Since we were a large commercial account, I got first-class techncial support. Now, as a consumer, I get crap.
Spencer J.
Oh dang.
I have used Dells (Laptops) most of my life, current laptop is an Alienware, but it is 3 years old. Have not really looked at their current stuff. The XPS systems 5 years or so ago were the best.
Plus, their Pcs are no longer state-of-the -art. They're just barely entering the Haswell and Skylake technology.
Spencer J.
yeah, I did notice they are a little behind on the later tech
I have been considering buying an XPS for the past two years, but they use proprietary parts and nothing else usually fits.
Spencer J.
Right, I have looked into them a few times over the years as well, they are just not as appealing now as they used to be, specs are lower (in comparison to other current systems) but they are still way pricey.
They use underpowered power supplies and are known to fail and then you get a slightly larger one (under warranty).
Spencer J.
ah, I didn't know about that part :-p
I know. I worked on thousands of them. I even worked on complicated servers.
Spencer J.
Well, that is good to know.
Servers are built good and are designed for 24-hour data center environments. Dell skimps on the residential consumer market. I was very spoiled. I had my own login to the commercial account and sometimes ordered systems directly online.
Spencer J.
Nice :-)
Now I'm like Joe public and see how most people get treated.
The only plus I have is a Dell preferred account and get discounts.
Thye hate me because I know too much.
Spencer J.
Now that I'm outside of the Dell world, the new technology scares me because I don't have the luxury of corporate spending and getting first hand knowledge about what works good or not. As a retired person, I can't afford to make big mistakes. That's why the pcpartpicker is a good reference.
I have read too many reviews where people don't pay attention to component measurements and buy a power supply that doesn't fit in their case or other incompatibilities.
Spencer J.
Sounds like when I first started :-p
For awhile, I thought the PC technology was dying and now I see a comeback. Tablets have their place, but nothing beats the power of a desktop.
Spencer J.
I agree, nothing better than a superpowerful Desktop, and the acomplishment of knowing you put it together :-)
Laptops are nice too. They are portable, have wireless, and are great to troubleshoot your network.
The problem with this Dell Inspiron is that it's from 2009 and a LOT of components no longer have drivers (such as the internal wireless). So I'm hardwired now.
Even that is limited. Speed is 10/100. No gigabit interface
and only USB 2.0
So it's pretty dated now.
Spencer J.
oh dang
I almost bought an XPS Dell laptop and somebody stole it out of my online shopping cart late one night. Since then, I have only purchased a Dell monitor and laser printer.
I wanted the Corning Gorilla glass screen with QHD resolution (expensive). But it was refurbished and a great deal. Well, a Dell salesman stole it out of my shopping cart! I was not happy.
Spencer J.
Ouch, i would not be happy either!
that is one good thing I like about Dell. the huge discounts from the Dell outlet :-) That is where I got my current Laptop for about half what new retail was going for back then
I called Dell and they said it was a "hot" item and always gets grabbed up for resale. That's not fair.
I was still within my allotted time limit.
Spencer J.
Yeah, thats terrible
Now my eyesight is worse and I need external monitors.
So they can keep the QHD graphics.
Spencer J.
Nice :-)
I'd love to build a killer system. I just need to take my time and be patient.
Spencer J.
Yeah, nothing wrong with that.
Believe it or not, the human eyesight ability can only discern up to a maximum resolution. This means that 4K may already be the most we would ever be able to perceive. The manufacturers try to keep raising the TV resolution, but we won't be able to see the difference. Once they reach our visual limit, then game over. They'll have to improve on other things.
Spencer J.
I believe it! I actually have a 4K TV now, with Apps, watching Netflix in HD 1080P is upscaled so better quality than standard 1080P screens, and I already have a tough time telling the difference from real life.
Exactly. I think it's exciting to watch, but I haven't spent the money on a 4K TV yet. My brother scrapped his large 1080P TVs (three of them), and replaced them all with 4K and 3D. They spent about $ 8500.
Spencer J.
oh wow, that is a little to high for Me :-)
me too. I can wait for the prices to descend.
Spencer J.
yeah, they are still dropping quickly.
Early this year, I stopped in bestbuy (after not gong there for a few years) and was literally shocked to see the place filled with so many large screen TVs. They keep getting bigger.
I have a small 32-inch Vizio, but it works fine.
Spencer J.
yeah. people are always wanting bigger! And they have gotten much cheaper for a bigger one so more peopple are buying them.
I have Comcast cable and I predict that the streaming internet video will force Comcast to either give us more options or lose customers.
Plus, their prices keep going up.
Spencer J.
Well, it's time to eat and thanks for chatting with me.
Spencer J.
you're welcome, it was very nice chatting with you. Thanks and have a great evening!
You too
Spencer J.
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