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Q. visitor asked, I need to know if the motherboard and processor I want will fit together

Chris C.
welcome to newegg how may I help you today?
I need to know if the motherboard and processor I want will fit together
Chris C.
what were the two parts?
and if so if there are any other motherboards like the one I chose
that's the motherboard
and that's the processor
Chris C.
they do work together since they socket is AM3+
Okay. I just wanted to make sure
Chris C.
yep :-)
now are there any mother boards that you would recommend that would also work with that processor and this graphics card
Chris C.
same price range as the other you were looking at earlier ?
it doesn't matter just nothing outrageous
Chris C.
this msi is decent i do like the gigabyte more
wrong number
could you just send the link
cheaper too. that's always a plus
Chris C.
ya their both simulir the gigabyte does have a couple more features to it but if you need a bit more budget the msi is a good mobo
what kind of features?
oh I see
Chris C.
mostly just in the connectors area
i also do have more experience with gigabyte motherboards and they are very reliable
so you would suggest sticking with the gigabyte?
Chris C.
okay, well I have the RAM, SSD, PSU, and Radiator picked out. could you take a look and make sure they would all fit together and work well?
Chris C.
Chris C.
sorry just making sure the cooler and the cpu work well
oh okay
Chris C.
ok everything looks good
Am I missing anything? Always good to double check
Chris C.
you do have a ATX case correct?
Yeah. I have a full size actually
Chris C.
then ya everything will fit well
Okay, perfect. Thank you.
Chris C.
you're welcome :-)
Have a great day
Chris C.
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