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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, i have a pavilion g7 1327dx. i need a hhd

Marius W.
Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you today? See you are looking at stuff
i have a pavilion g7 1327dx
Marius W.
ok.. sounds good
i need a hhd
i came with a 500
it came with a 500
Marius W.
So a 1TB drive then?
I was looking at a seagate, but and a a chat guy came up and was recommending a better quality for still a decent price...
yes 1tb
i guess.... i dont want to mess it up more..
Marius W.
Yeah. Seagate isn't all that great
Is that a laptop or a desktop?
glad you came back them..
its a laptop
Marius W.
You would need a smaller one
hp pavilion g7
Marius W.
I'm sorry not familiar with that model
he looked up the specs on the hp website, the last guy did
Marius W.
That would work well for you
or that one
hmm.. ok...
I still have the stock ram... would it be wise to add more with more hdd?
or not really a big deal?
Marius W.
Doesn't matter. One has nothing to do with the other
well, thank you sir!
I wll weigh my options in price...
Marius W.
You are very welcome and enjoy browsing
is the 2tb a better value?
Marius W.
Has more room. Not really about value
ok cool..
thanks again!!
Marius W.
You are so welcome. have a great rest of the day and Merry Christmas :-)
thanks and same to you!
Marius W.
Thank so much. Appreciate it. Take care
Marius W.
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