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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, how usefull are these ssd. just ordered a pc from newegg and it does not have one. this an ok size?

how usefull are these ssd
Nathan R.
very - if you're looking for faster boot up and vastly improved read/write speeds, as well as better stability, you need an SSD
just ordered a pc from newegg and it does not have one. this an ok size?
Nathan R.
what are you going to be using it for?
mainly as I guess a boot drive and a few games
Nathan R.
if you're going to install more than one game on it, i'd recommend going for at least 250gb storage
the games I have are mainly 20 or less gigs, bndle more than 1 game or for size itself?gger because it wont hab
bigger for size or it wont handle more than 1 game systematically
Nathan R.
bigger for size - just trying to determine how much room you'd need on your SSD
ok. so if I were to purchase this, how would I implement my os to boot from this? can I move the windows 10 over to this?
Nathan R.
you will need recovery media ( a bootable USB drive will work ) and a backup utility to clone your OS drive
if you're saving your files, back those up to an external hard drive - all you want on your recovery media is your OS and installed programs if you have the space
OK. SO I have a 32 gig usb, so I would move my OS to that then download it to the ssd?
Nathan R.
you'd copy it over, yes - and then set your boot device to your SSD
or, if you have a system disc, you can just do a clean install
Nathan R.
you need to move your OS over - otherwise, you really aren't using your SSD to its full potential
I use steam for my games which has its own OS, so would I still need the windows 10 to get the full benefit of this ssd
Nathan R.
steam still relies on windows - unless you also plan on installing steam os, which i don't recommend right now
ok. so pretty much I wouldn't want to purchase this unless I was savy enough to do what you suggested in the answer above. I am not too tech savy coming recently from consoles so maybe this isn't for me.
Nathan R.
there are plenty of tutorials out there on youtube and on forums that will make the process easier to understand
1 more quick question also. I game at 1080pand don't plan on getting 4k for some time. how well does the R9 380 ys ? games in 1080pwork for toda
Nathan R.
the r9 380 will be a very good card for 1080p for a long time. you won't need to upgrade that card until you're ready
the 970 is an amazing gpu - i can max out most of my games at 1440p ( 2560 x 1440 ) without issues
i am going back and forth between the r9 380 and the gtx970. i know the 970 is better, but, will the 380 play at 60fps in todays games at 1080p
Nathan R.
i prefer the 970 because i strongly dislike AMDs drivers
i just don't want to be outdated in 6 mos, but, really tight after the PC purchase.
Nathan R.
understandable - with either of those cards, you'll get stable performance at that resolution for years
i know what you mean. but i mainly play reacing sims,(project cars assetto corsa and dirt) and don't want to spend 380 when the 380 is a lot less.
Nathan R.
either one is fine - but there are 970s for a lot less than that
i own AMD now and that's why i just decided to get a new PC with intel and just do some upgrades.
Nathan R.
970 for $290:
yeah but that's after the rebate which takes FOREVER and it only has 1 fan. heard that you are better off with the 2 fan config.
Nathan R.
two fan $300:
I just got the cyberpower s106 from newegg and the graphics and memory need upgrading. I have a 550PSU I ajust purchased for my old PC I am going to install.
is that a decent brand? never heard of it
Nathan R.
yes - Zotac makes very reliable GPUs, and there's was the top selling 970 at launch of that card
well you convinced me. I really wanted the 970, but was trying to save some cash. but for the performance edge of the 970 over the 380, its worth the extra.
Nathan R.
it definitely is - i don't plan on upgrading from my 970 for a very long time
i have an 8 pin connecter for my pci e, would i need to get an adapter with this card?
Nathan R.
one moment
you would need something like this:
i see there is an adapter included? would that not work? or is there two connections required for this card
Nathan R.
the included adapter will work ( didn't see it listed when I was first going over specs )
why are there 2 pictured?
i have never purchased a card that needed any extra power so this is all new.
purchased a 750ti that worked right off the pci"s power
Nathan R.
not sure exactly - it's the same power cable
so the white molex dual 3 pin goes in the ncard and the black 8 pin goes in my PSU pci adapter?
Nathan R.
you got it :-)
awesome. so my 1 8 pin conection will suffice.
Nathan R.
yes - you're all set :-)
thanx a million bro. Merry Christmas and have a dandy day LOL
Nathan R.
you're welcome! you too, good sir!
Nathan R.
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