Expert product information on newegg Refurbished: SanDisk X110 M.2 256GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) SDSDX110M2-256
Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Hi! will this work on a intel nuc 5iryh3?

Travis G.
Hello can I help you with this hard drive?
Hi! will this work on a intel nuc 5iryh3?
Travis G.
Let me check that out for you.
oh wait. is refurbished!
Travis G.
Yeah is that not what you are hoping for?
This is compatible with the NUC NUC5i5RYH.
i dont know how good is going to be a refurbihed unit.
Travis G.
I have never heard of them failing but I also have not used them personally.
We can check for a new one and see the price difference.
Would you like to me to do that?
yes please
Travis G.
You got it :-)
Did you have a budget number you would like me to check into?
just looking for a 250 g chip
Travis G.
Okie dokie I'll check into second..
one more question. will this g. skill ripjaws memory work on this nuc also? model f3-1600c9d-8grsl
Travis G.
I am checking that out as well.
I can't see the RAM you are talking about. Can you see if it is DDR3?
ddr3 so-dimm ddr3L 1600
Travis G.
That would be great!!! Your board supports that.
ok thanks
Travis G.
Was it this RAM?
is a G. SKILL Ripjaws
Travis G.
Good deal yeah that should work great.
HEre is an M2 that may work...
wich one?
Travis G.
Sorry couldn't get it in the chat :-p
lol is ok.
Travis G.
That is a link to it though. What do you think?
let me see it. one second
yes is a good one, but I dont want to spent to much
Travis G.
Cool. How much were you hoping ot spend?
lol the less possible.
Travis G.
I hear you there :-)
Refurbished is going to be the way to go then.
yes you are probable rigth.
Travis G.
Is this the one you had looked at before?
yes i did.
Travis G.
That is really the best buy I am finding.
How much of that RAM were you thinking of grabbing?
8 g
16 will be too spensive
Travis G.
Right on. You can always add some more later.
thanks travis. good services.
Travis G.
Thanks mate. Enjoy the new build.
Do you use Newegg Premiere?
You can cut to the front of the digital line ;-)
That is the lowdown on it. It is like a fast lane. And you can just do a month of it while you are building if you like.
no. I have not joined it
how much is it going to cost me?
Travis G.
There are different options.
i will look into it
Travis G.
Cool let me know what you think.
it sound good, but I live in NJ only 12 miles away from your warehouse, dont need the fast shipping. and hopefuly wont be shopping after this.
Travis G.
Ahh cool. Yeah that is awesome to be so close.
Any other questions?
no thanks. I placed the order already
Travis G.
Awesome well IT was a pleasure talking to you. :-)
thanks for your help.
Travis G.
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