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Q. visitor asked, Hi, my name is Bill. Looking for specs of Kindle Fire 8.9 - is there a User's Manual I could read to understand what it does ?

Chris C.
welcome to newegg how may I help you today?
Hi, my name is Bill. Looking for specs of Kindle Fire 8.9 - is there a User's Manual I could read to understand what it does ?
Chris C.
let me see what i can find
something like this?
Do you know if the KF 8.9 can read documents in .DOC and .PDF formats ?
Hello - are you still there ?
Chris C.
yes im looking it up real quick for you
yes it can read both
Can it access internet for browsing and reading email ? What about using Skype ?
Chris C.
you can browse the web let me look to see what apps it handles
My email provider is AOL
Chris C.
there is a skype app for the 8.9
and for email you would have to download aol app or just use the internet and go to the aol site
I didn't see the larger KF 10 on your site. Do you have that also ?
Chris C.
no we currently don't have that one for sale right now
Do you know if the KF 8.9 has the feature of enlarging or reducing the view (zoom in, zoom out) by touchscreen squeezing or splaying your fingers ?
Chris C.
yes when on an app or webpage pinching or squeezing will zoom in or out
I assume there is an app to make it act as an alarm clock ? How about as a bedside clock ?
Chris C.
yes you would just have to download the app or you can set the clock up and make it so the the display doesnt turn off
Does it also bring up a touchscreen keypad for convenient typing into emails ? What about writing documents in .DOC format ? Can you do that in addition to just reading the .DOC ?
Chris C.
yes it has the installed onscreen keyboard
yes to both
for the doc
How about navigating in city streets with GPS to show you where you are and the surrounding area map ?
Chris C.
no since it doesnt connect to data only wifi
I suppose some of these things are apps that you have to buy ? Any idea how pricey are Skype, email, .DOC capability ?
Chris C.
skype is free, email apps are free unless you buy data boxes with them .doc might be the only one that may cost but it depends on who is selling it
You think I will find the User Manual at cnet ? I will go there and look. Thanks for your help
Chris C.
the manual will come the item itself and there should me an online version
One more thought - is it possible to connect a cell phone to the KF 8.9 with some kind of cable and make it become a GPS navigator by relay from the cell phone ? Maybe that's too complicated a question ?
Chris C.
you cannot
since there isnt a date transfer and the kindle isnt a display monitor and runs its own cpu you cant stop the cpu on the KF to display the cpu and display of the phone
OK, thanks again. Bye
Chris C.
you're welcome
Chris C.
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