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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, hi! im doing fine. question here is this hard drive have a typo in it??

Brian C.
hello how are you doing tonight?
hi! im doing fine
question here is this hard drive have a typo in it??
Brian C.
Not that I can tell, What exactly are you looking for?
Brian C.
I know it says desk top hard drive but this one will work in both as long as your laptop can fit 7mm tall hard drives
soo... i need 2.5 inch not 3.5
form factor is my issure
sigh... issue
Brian C.
2.5 inch
what kind of laptop is it?
asus rog 750jm
Brian C.
that hard drive will fit
making sure
cause i just brought 2 of them
Brian C.
those will fit just fine
or you have better ones that i should buy
Brian C.
there is always something better. do you need better speed?
7200 rpm is top speed for laptop
or what is your recommendation for 2 hard drives that i can put them in raid0
Brian C.
those will work great for raid0
were you thinking about doing a hybrid drive or SSD?
either one as long as i can put them in raid0
Brian C.
these are considered the best laptop hard drives
that hybrid drive
Brian C.
2 seperate drives
ok then i cant put them in raid
also... price!!!!!!
price is too high
Brian C.
that makes sense, you asked for the best
ti havent seen 1tb wd
Brian C.
really though, what you have will work great for what you want
bookmarked it till i can afford it
Brian C.
are there any other accessories you need for you laptop?
new headset tho
with builtin mic
Brian C.
do you like USB or 3.5mm jack?
i just dont care which one as long it will hold up for long time
Brian C.
then avoid turtle beach lol
do you have a target price for the headset?
cause my school is paying me a new set of headset
Brian C.
this is the first thing to pop into my head. I love steelseries. they are super durrable and they sound great
compare to this one
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0:01 / 7:21
Sennheiser PC 363D
Brian C.
sennheiser is probably the leader in cost effective Microphones
did you mean to type 40 or 400?
cause i hate cheap headset
Brian C.
ok just making sure. I feel the same way
are you looking for over the ear or on ear headset?
i wear hearing aids.. i rather have headset cover all of my ear
Brian C.
definitely don't want anything pressing them into your head causing discomfort
have you use virtual surround before?
yes i love it
i can hear crystal clear sound
Brian C.
ok that's good, I was affraid it might mess up the hearing aids. I have a sound sensativity problem and I can;t do the virtual sound
If I were you I would go for the sennheiser. I never hear bad things about them and it will save you a few buck for later
you were looking at these ones, right?
and my school buyng me a new headset
how good is steelseries H??
havent heard of them
Brian C.
Probably the best they produce and it's wireless so you can walk away from your computer and still hear a skype call or music
they also have great customer service if you ever have problems
how good is mic??
crystal clear?? or cheap ones
Brian C.
the sound is good and with the mixer interface you can adjust it to preference
Brian C.
even there less expensive mics have good sound. my brother uses a 60 dollar one and it's like talking on the phone
how long does those batteries last??
found it 20 hours of battery life is damn good
Brian C.
I was just about to say that
can i use them in different pcs or i have to download software
in oder to make headset to talk to pc
Brian C.
it's a USB headset it should be plug and play
oh man im getting them
thx tho
Brian C.
You're Welcome
is this hard drive faster than black ones that i ordered??
Brian C.
no they are the same speed and are designed for long storage
you wouldn't want to put them in raid 0 and game
Brian C.
it would eat the drives. they aren't made to be read and written like a gaming hard drive
Are you planning to make a personal cloud computer in your house?
no for gaming
then what red hard drives use for???
Brian C.
NAS are ment for cloud storage or saving data for long periods of time with out failing
Brian C.
if you are looking for more storage have you thought about an external hard drive?
i do have external hard drive
this what i have in 12 tb
Brian C.
yeah you are set, I couldn't even fill half of that thing lol
Brian C.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Newegg has any laptop hard drives over 500gb in stock and the SSDs are all about $279.99
if you keep you eye out I got a 1tb crucial SSD for 179
Brian C.
these are the best on the market
i just dont care for crucial
Brian C.
i have a 250 for a boot drive and my desktop runs super smooth
honestly i never really cared for them either but for the price i wanted to check it out
worst case i sell it for current market value lol
im fane of intels and samsung
Brian C.
OCZ was good back in the day
i still have one of them still working on desktop
Brian C.
well gotta go
Brian C.
alright, It was awesome chatting with you
Brian C.
You have a good night, If you ever have any question you can always ask for Brian C. If I'm on I'll be more than willing to help you
i do have newegg account
but not in prem
Brian C.
use your school .edu email for free premium for a year
that's the new promo right now
see ya!!
Brian C.
good night, see you around
Brian C.
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