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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Hey Marius, how is it going?

Marius W.
Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you today? See you are looking at Grpahics cards
Hey Marius, how is it going?
Yeah man, I am building a pc but still missing a few items
I'm looking for a GC that will allow me to play at 1080p at a constant 60fps
Marius W.
Okay for which games?
war thunder, starcraft, warhammer total war,
Marius W.
And do you have a price range?
and to be honest, any past game and any not-so-far-in-the-future game
+- $200
Marius W.
That would definitely work out well
nice one man. but how would it compare with, say, a r9 380 or a gtx 950?
Marius W.
Obviously better than the 950 and about comparable withthe 380 but games are mostly optimized for Nvidia so the 960 wins
I see.
Is there another option that you may recomned?
Marius W.
Just those two
I've never heard of that brand before, lol.
Marius W.
It's a Radeon mostly.. just that company added the cooling
Nothing wrong with it at all
ok, just wanted to make sure. I saw one like that but with 2gb instead of 4. Does the number of gbs afect the performance of the card?
Marius W.
Better to go with 4GB's. A great boost and what most of the new games need.
I thought the ram on the motherboard was the key ram needed
Marius W.
Thats for the computer. This is RAM on board the graphics card
i've been lied all y life! LOL
how abot that powecolor r9 380 with 2gb?
Marius W.
It's fine
I saw it cost only like $140
Marius W.
Less powerful than the 4GB's
would you recomend the r9 380x for a few dollars more?
and better yet, is the price difference worth it?
Marius W.
Very worth it as you get more power and performance
thanks man, i will definitely add one of those cards in my cart.
i had previously selected the xfx r9 380, but you game me something to thisnk about
Marius W.
Which is also good
nothing wrong with that one either if it has the 4GB's on it
it's the one with 2bg's for $150
price to good to resist
Marius W.
That is all up to you as it is your money lol :-)
i know, haha. I am very conscious about it, that is why i pruchased almost all components from you guys. big rebates and offers
Marius W.
Yeah and some of the sales are really quite good too
Anything else I can help you with?
would any of those fit the corsair carbide spec-02?
Marius W.
What exactly is that?
and, are those cards ok for an i7 6700k and the non k?
Marius W.
Great for the new Intels
is a pc case
Marius W.
Yeah. it's fine for whatever case
awesome. thank you for your help
Marius W.
You are so welcome :-) Happy to help. Good chat, for sure :-)
Have a great rest of the day and Happy Holidays :-)
Thank you and likewise.
Merry Chrismas and happy new year
Marius W.
:-) Thanks. Appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you too.
Take care
you too man!
Marius W.
Marius W.
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