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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, yes please. looking to centralize my files off of the laptops in my network (home) I run mostly macs

Nathan R.
hi! can I help you with a NAS?
yes please
Nathan R.
ok - how can i help you?
looking to centralize my files off of the laptops in my network (home) I run mostly macs
Nathan R.
ok - Synology NAS uses a web based management platform and it's compatible with Macs and PCs
if i get a 4 bay can i use 2 to begin with and add the other bays later?
Nathan R.
do you mean start with two drives and expand as you go?
Nathan R.
if so, yes - it's really easy to expand
i think 2 drives will be enough but you can never have enough storage
Nathan R.
is there an app for apple. i only have iPhones and ipads
Nathan R.
yes - there are free management apps you can install on your IOS devices
do you know if they can view and upload from ios
Nathan R.
so i should be looking for the fastest processor and ram for performance
Nathan R.
it really depends on what you're trying to do with the machine - is it just being used for general remote access and file backup?
yes but with multiple users (2-3 right now) i don't plan on viewing movies off of it or streaming music but that might be in the future
Nathan R.
ok, if you're looking for something scalable, go with the most power you can get up front
the DS215+ is aimed at small business but is that overkill for a home user
Nathan R.
it is a little bit - it's more of a small business use case
i am looking at upgrading my computers but macs have sad drives and they are costly. so to save a few bucks i was going to get a nas and move all the files to it and only run applications on the computers
Nathan R.
ok - it's a workable solution
i have used WD My Cloud in the past and had many issues with connection. is synology a better product
Nathan R.
in my experience, yes
i believe that 2tb would be plenty but what if i wanted to hot swap up to a 3 or 4tb later. can that be done
Nathan R.
do you recommend another brand or would synology be your choice
Nathan R.
QNAP is also solid, but Synology really has the best software package and support - there isn't a more user friendly NAS out there
that is what i was looking at. i am looking at what the My cloud said it would deliver (ease of use with basic skills) but could not give
Nathan R.
Synology's management software is dead simple - but has plenty of options for power users as well
so like with computers i would buy the most powerful and most storage that i can fit int he budget. right?
Nathan R.
it's similar principle, yes
appreciate the help
Nathan R.
you're welcome! glad I could help out!
Nathan R.
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