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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I was just checking on an order that I placed this weekend but I was wondering if there is a 10GBE switch?

Richard L.
Hey there, what awesome gear are you planning on getting from Newegg today?
I was just checking on an order that I placed this weekend but I was wondering if there is a 10GBE switch?
Richard L.
let me see what i can find for you ok?
that's a standalone unit
Richard L.
give me a few moments to look that up for you please?
how many ports did you need on the switch?
I currently have a 1GBE switch that has 8 but I am not sure how many 10GBE ports that I need.
Richard L.
i see
this is the cheapest one we have
I am just checking/leanring if I upgraded,if I would see a difference
Richard L.
all of your hardware would have to have 10gbe as well
It would just be 1 desktop that would need to be connected.
Richard L.
but if you want to run the network at 10 gbe
at least one other device has to be 10 gbe right?
what are you plsnning on doing?
Learn more about this. I just purchased the Synology DS2415+ to replace my Drobos. It has 4 1GBE ports on it just like my old Drobo 5N.
Richard L.
and does your router support port aggregation?
as thats the only way youll be able to take advantage of the 4 ethernet ports at the same time
Not sure. It is the Netgear Nighthawk
Richard L.
and those routers are very expensive and not a lot of then are out there
I will download the Synology manual to learn more about it.
Richard L.
one sec
this is the only nighthawk that supports link aggregation
6 x Gigabit ports (included 2 x aggregate ports)
but how much data are you trying to move around?
will you be using the NAS in a business or home?
typically in home but I want to be able to access files while I am out of town
Richard L.
so you really dont need more than the 1 gbe port
the only reason you need more is for 1080p or higher streaming
and tons of useres accessing huge files at the same time
That's what I was wondering since my internet co started supporting 1gig transfers.
I agree with you that 1 GBE is probably enough for me
Richard L.
and to build out for higher transfers is gonna cost you a small fortune
Thanks for answering my questions. I appreciate the help.
Richard L.
You're welcome, please dont hesitate with any questions that you might have in regards to making your purchase at newegg :-)
Richard L.
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