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Q. visitor asked, I am looking for a budget way to store a few files on my local network

Micheal T.
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I am looking for a budget way to store a few files on my local network
I think this item (along with a USB drive) might be the way to go?
Micheal T.
maybe not that one though
You could also consider cloud base storage
True. But i do not want one of my computers connected to the web. It controls a small machine, and will never be updated
Micheal T.
this would work
the one you where looking at before just had a lot of negative reviews
fair enough
is there a name for this sort of network device?
Micheal T.
I think you are looking for NAS storage though You could also do just fine with an external drive
can an external drive connect to 2 computers?
Micheal T.
It can if its on a nas storage but its a bit pricey to set up
Are there any routers that support plugging a USB drive directly into them?
If I'm going to spend $100+ I wouldn't mind a router upgrade for a few more bucks.
Micheal T.
The one I linked you to seemes like it would work wel for you
you would just need a large usb stick to add memory to it
The system won't be wireless but it can be hooked up to your network through Ethernet
Sounds good.
Ill go that route then.
Micheal T.
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