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Q. visitor asked, Hi hope you are having a good day. I have an older QNAP that I bought used from a friend. IT is a six bay version with 1.5TB drives.. I am running out of space and am looking at upgrading my NAS

Spencer J.
Hello, welcome to Newegg!
Can I help you with a server drive?
Hi hope you are having a good day
Spencer J.
I am, thank you :-)
I have an older QNAP that I bought used from a friend. IT is a six bay version with 1.5TB drives.
I am running out of space and am looking at upgrading my NAS
Looking at the QNAPs and the Synology 1515+
I have four questions
1) what is the difference between the QNAP TVS 663 and the TS 653 Pro?
Spencer J.
One moment please.
No problem
Spencer J.
663 has a faster AMD processor, and all USB 3.0 ports. 653 has USB 3,0 and 2,0
IS that the only difference?
Are the processors the same?
How big a drive can you put in either the 663 or the 653?
I believe it is limited to 4TB drives max
Spencer J.
processors are different. One is AMD, one is Intel.
max is not specified, but yes it should do 4TB no problem
but not 6TB?
Spencer J.
i cannot say. it is not specified.
Have you had experience with the Synology 1515+ or any of their NAS vs the QNAP?
Spencer J.
No, I have not had personal experience with these.
I have read many good things about both, but more recommendations around the Synology but since I have a QNAP already was figuring it made more sense to stay that way to avoid having to learn two operating systems.
Spencer J.
Yeah, I would stick with QNAP if you have not had issues with it.
I was looking at the TVS 663 but the explanation goes on about the TVS 463 and talks about HDMI ports and 4K video and a Radeon graphics capability. I does not say anything about the TVS 663? Do you know if the TVS 663 also has those capabilities?
Spencer J.
Yeah, capabilities overall are very similar, as well as performance.
No my QNAP is uses and has run like a champ for five years and it was about two years old when I first got it. maybe older.
Spencer J.
Oh nice.
Since it has a celeron processor I am not sure how many sessions I could run on it. They talk about being able to use it for virtual hosting, but again, that does not seem to be enough horse power to do that for more than one client and still provide NAS performance.
Spencer J.
it should do that. It is Celeron, but also a higher end quad core model
okay, not sure how much of that I would do, but like the idea I can stream stored video directly to a 4K monitor using the HDMI port.
Can I change gears on you for a moment?
Spencer J.
I currently have a wired network and an Apple Airport Extreme and An Express network extender. I am looking at upgrading to an 802.11 AC network and was looking at options. It appears the ASUS Routers are highly rated. And I saw one that was a 3100 class, but also another that was a 5600 class and had a bunch of antennas so assume it will provide a strong signal for areas where we do not have a wired connection or for guess. Do you have any recommendations for 802.11 AC routers or any experience on the ASUS 802.11 AC routers?
Spencer J.
One moment please.
I would go with the 3100, should give plenty of range, and seems like a better option vs 5600
Other than cost is there any down size to the 5600? I believe that is a three band while the 3100 is only two band?
Spencer J.
Well, if you need the 3 band. but most people do not.
Okay, I was thinking we use one for visitors that leaves two for my wife and me to use for work. Also there are two 5K and one 2.4K (not sure if I have that right). I assume you would want to use the 5K over the 2.4K but not sure if there are reasons why the 2.4 would perform similar to the 5K?
Spencer J.
Not really, 5 is stronger, but has a shorter range
Okay so the range is the reason you might use he 2.4. that makes sense. Here is my last questions. Regarding the NAS I was looking at the WD NAS Red drives and the 4TB specifically
Spencer J.
But could not tell what their speed is (rotation speed) 5400 or 7200? Not sure how much that matters
At least for a NAS drive?
Spencer J.
the newer ones are mostly 7200, first ones are 5400
Can you tell me if the WD40EFRX is 5400 or 7200?
Spencer J.
I am checking
The TVS 663 talks about SSD Cache Acceleration is that through the internal memory or does that assume I put an SSD in one of the slots?
That is my last questions.
Spencer J.
that is through the memory
Ah, the WD40EFRX is Intellipower which is around 5400RPM, the PRO model here
Okay so should upgrade to the 8GB
Spencer J.
has 7200 RPM
Yes, I can see the price difference. Does that make as much difference with NAS drives?
Spencer J.
No, honestly I think you would be fine running the non PRO drives
okay that is why I was thinking. Probably better adding more memory to the NAS than faster drives.
Great thank you, you have been a great help. Have a Happy New Year!
Spencer J.
thanks, you too!
Spencer J.
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