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Beau L.

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Nathan R.
hi! can I help you with a NAS?
Hi :-)
I'm trying to decide between Qnap and Synology NAS products.
I like the multi-media capabilities of the Qnap but I like the built-in cloud-sync to my 50 free Gigs on capability of the Synology for easy cloud offsite backup
Nathan R.
Synology, overall, is much more user friendly - no one makes better management software
I've been trying to determine if the Qnap TS-251 can handle backup to Box
True, but then Synology doesn't have the multi-media capability the Qnap does
if the Qnap TS-251 or one in the same price range can do then that would swing the vote to qnap for both the multi-media and cloud-sync
I see that the TS-251+-2G-US can says support but its also $100 more
Nathan R.
ok - i've never used myself - any reason in particular that's a must have for you?
just curious
I have 50 Gigs free for life on there
The largest Google Drive that's free is 15 Gigs and Dropbox is only 2 Gig
so its a pretty large intensive to be able to use as an offsite backup solution to the NAS
Nathan R.
ok - thanks for the answer on that. never used them before, so it helps to know :-)
I checked out an online review, seems the QNAP TS-251+-2G-US has a faster CPU and a little remote than the QNAP TS-251
Nathan R.
it does have a performance advantage - the question is, will you need it for what you're doing?
yeah, I don't really stream media much; I have a laptop just permanently hooked up to the TV for that but its getting old
Starting to think the QNAP TS-251+-2G-US might be the way to go to provide both NAS and media player in one instead of having to use a laptop or chrome-player
ok, I think I just need to figure out what which use-case takes priority; offsite cloud backup or media player
thank you :-)
Nathan R.
you're welcome! really glad I could help! :-)
Nathan R.
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