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Q. visitor asked, Hello Spencer. Yes, I'm looking into backups and i was wondering if i should go with a wd my book or build my own

Spencer J.
Hello, welcome to Newegg!
Can I help you with a hard drive?
Hello Spencer
Yes, I'm looking into backups and i was wondering if i should go with a wd my book or build my own
Spencer J.
Depends, building your own may be superior and give better flexibility.
I'm leaning towards building my own just because I know of all the short comings of a my book but I don't know what to look for in building one
I like wd hard drives and will probably set it up to mirror to 2 drives
Spencer J.
Just need something like this
My knowledge is lacking though with raid setups
Spencer J.
put a couple drives in there with RAID mode, and you should be good.
I don't have an issue with spending a little more for the storage unit, is this a good brand or are there better? I'm not familiar with Buffalo.
I am also looking to get 2 6tb drives, is there another model of this that will hold 6tb?
Spencer J.
this should do it, Synology is also a good brand
not a lot of experience with Buffalo myself.
In regards to setting everything up, will this include directions to setting up a raid system. I can usually figure things out but never dealt with raid.
Also, its been awhile since I bought a hard drive, what hd drives do you recommend? I know the different colors represent various benefits.
Spencer J.
Yes, raide is very easy, just a setting to change really.
For something like this I suggest WD Reds
And what benefit does the Red provide?
Spencer J.
Red is suited for servers and multi drive setups, they will work best when using RAID setups
Would I be able to use it as a replacement drive when, and if, the main drive crashes?
Spencer J.
Yes, you could
Excellent, thank you for your help!
Spencer J.
you're welcome. :-)
One last quick question if you are still there
Spencer J.
how can I help?
I just recieved a replacement Hp z440 workstation and I want to upgrade to 32 gb of memory. Do you know off hand what you have available for it?
Hp told me I need 8GB, PC4-2133P DDR4-2133MHz, 1Rx4, CL=15 memory module
Spencer J.
let me check
should work
And just for warranty concerns, I'm probably going to get hp brand memory but wanted to see price comparison to other brands. I typically get Kingston
Spencer J.
AH ok
Do you carry Hp branded memory. The G.Skill is probably $100 cheaper than what hp quoted me for theirs.
Spencer J.
We do not
Ok, thank you for all of your help Spencer! My main issue was that backup, which I think I have that figured out now. Just need to decide on the memory.
Spencer J.
you're welcome.
Have a good day!
Spencer J.
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