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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, whats up. im looking for a gaming pc but i dont want to build one i know that sounds bad but

Edward F.
Welcome to Newegg! How are you today?
whats up
Edward F.
Doing well, come to check out some gaming desktops?
im looking for a gaming pc but i dont want to build one i know that sounds bad but
just wondering if cyberpowerpc or ibuypower are good brands ?
Edward F.
Not bad at all. They're decent, pretty much just people putting together parts for you. I have heard some issues with their support staff but if you buy through us, you'll have us to help out with
A friend of mine has a ibuypower
What kind of setup are you thinking? Or looking for any recommendations?
something to max games
like almost max settings atleast 75 fps is that possible
Edward F.
Okay, do you already have a monitor? Are you planning 1080p or 1440p?
i have a benq 1080p
Edward F.
Great, okay
thought benq would be a good choice
Edward F.
They are
do u have a recommended brand for a custo built
Edward F.
I was going to recommend this one here:
It's currently on back order though
This is the kind of general build you'll be looking into for maxing out current games running higher fps
im also wonering if i need extra fans and like water cooling or is that optional
Edward F.
Those are optional. They help if you want to do things like overclocking or if you're worried about heat
But generally they come with pretty good fans on them already
This particular one does not have liquid cooling, but it can be swapped out
i deff dont want an alien ware so i came here haha
i ordered one and it was gonna take basically a month to get here so i cancceled it how soon would i get something if i bught it today from u guys
Edward F.
This model here would be a good setup
was jjust gonna ask if ABS is a good brand lol
Edward F.
I haven't used them personally but they get high ratings. I assume, similar to ibuypower, that they're just using off the shelf parts and cases
i just am worried of having it arrived at my house not put together fully and stuff like ive read about alotso is buying it from newegg safer?
Edward F.
Yeah, not only do you have an easier time with returns and support, but we package it nicely as well
wait so do u guys look at it and make sure they did the job rite b4 shipping it to me or is that not ur job aha
Edward F.
We wont do that, we just package the system they ship to us up
is this a good choice?
Edward F.
Well... I use a GTX 960 myself and I can tell you first hand you're not going to be maxing out games over 60 fps, especially the newer ones like Witcher and Battlefront
The most demanding game I play right now is BF4 and I tend to get around 70, max, on 1080p
thats good enough
i also meant basically maxed out
i dont need every little thing maxed out like shadwos and stuff
Edward F.
Right, yeah, in that case the 960 will do you well
It will handle textures and resolution well
so i also have no understanding in what the GB's in ur GPU mean
like 2 gb gtx 960 vs a 4gb
Edward F.
Well, the games load up textures, which are like pictures just really high resolution for every single side of an object and multiple layers for everything in a game
And the video cards use the video ram for faster access to that information, typically 4GB is what you want for 1440p or 4k
okay i dont need 4k lol so 2gb is fine
Edward F.
I have a 2GB card myself
do u have a amd processor or a intel i see a i5 which is 3.5 but the amd is 4.0 ghz but i heard always get intel aha
Edward F.
I do not, I went intel (i3 in particular)
the i3 works too?
Edward F.
Yeah, its less about the Speed and more about the amount of cores and efficiency
I wouldn't recommend it so much if you're wanting pre-built. I plan on upgrading it to an i5 down the road
But they do work for budget builds
yea im looking at i5's in praticular from what i read
Edward F.
They're great, definitely something you want in a pre-built system
and the pre builts normally dont need extra fans to keep cool ? or should i invest in a better fan
im thinking about this one
Edward F.
Typically they already come with enough cooling
That's a good setup
awesome i also forgot to say my monitor is 3d and if i wanted to watch 3d movies would my pcs optical drive need to be 3d or that a bunch of nothing lol cause this pc has a regualr dvd drive
Edward F.
Right, you would need a drive that supports 3D which typically also are blu-rays
But if you can find any digital 3D content, you can output that
dang i guess i can install that myself down the road
Edward F.
Yeah, even USB based drives would work
also it only has a 400w supply is that gonna be ok for powering the keyoard and the mouse and stuf
Edward F.
Yes it will have more than enough for that. The only thing I would be worried about is if you plan on upgrading to a high end video card in the future. You'll be sticking around the 960 - 970 range (or future models of that power rating)
but for a gtx 960 its good?
Edward F.
Yeah, definitely
ok awesome never understood why thirs 1500 watt supplys hha
Edward F.
Usually for putting in multiple GTX Titans or 980 Tis
too expesnive aha
Edward F.
For me as well lol
ok thanks man so if i have any problems with it your guys customer support is good?
Edward F.
They're great, yes. Easy returns, free shipping
Replacements are not a problem
ok thanks you so much man i didnt wanna buy it from the actual companies site cause i heard their customer support was bad so i tried best buy cause their support is great for me and they had no gaming pcs haha
Edward F.
Yeah, custom gaming PC companies tend to be pretty lazy with support
It's also why you tend to spend more with companies like alienware, for the support
yea and even then since alien ware is run by dell its still not the best haha
Edward F.
they havent gaven me my money from my refund yet
Edward F.
Yikes, hopefully they get back to you soon
but yea thanks man im gonna buy that ABS deff now
Edward F.
Awesome, glad to hear! Did you have any other items you were thinking about getting?
not that i know of i may buy a razer mamba from here with it tho
btw is a gtx 960 better than a R9 380
Edward F.
I notice the keyboard that comes with the system has a different layout, so it might be worth checking out a keyboard too
From what I've seen, the 960 is slightly ahead
i assumed aah
Edward F.
Yeah, probably not enough to make a noticeable difference when gaming
does the motherboard matter
like those MSI pro gaming on vs a default
Edward F.
To be honest, the only features tend to be for how you're going to set up your computer (multiple pci-e slots) if it has mSATA support for SSDs, built in wifi
As well as overclocking / unlock features
But if you're just planning to put it together with the regular parts, any motherboard willd o
will do*
this does come pre built rite?
Edward F.
Your ABS pc?
Edward F.
It does come pre built, ready to plug in and turn on
All you have to do is hook it up, turn it on, and set up your Windows account
ok awesome
Edward F.
Do you happen to need wifi?
i have it har wired
Edward F.
Okay great
do u know what kind of MB this come with it doent say
Edward F.
Hmm, let me see if I can find out
Unfortunately I do not have that information, might have to send them an email
ohh ok i may do htat but thanks ayways
Edward F.
You're welcome
Edward F.
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