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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, The girlfriend & I are wanting to get off our laptops. I have my old gaming computer that I (MIGHT) update, but I need to figure out something appropriate for my gf. She plays a lot of browser games, and also some much more intensive applications (IE Second Life)

Richard L.
Hey there, what awesome gaming gear are you planning on getting from Newegg today?
Hey man, I'm trying to scope out doing two (identical) pc builds (or purchase a prebuilt if one is appropriate).
Richard L.
The girlfriend & I are wanting to get off our laptops. I have my old gaming computer that I (MIGHT) update, but I need to figure out something appropriate for my gf. She plays a lot of browser games, and also some much more intensive applications (IE Second Life)
Richard L.
and you wanna get something awesome but becuase youre trying to match, you not trying to break the bank?
So, not needing something INSANELY powerful (I think I have a gtx750 in my own pc? Uuhh don't recall, but my pc is 2-3 years old and works "perfectly fine")
yeah man, like.. a build that could be accomplished under 1k and preferably under 600.. real "budget" hahaha
Richard L.
desktops right?
i know 600 isn't feasible but under 750-8 would be sweet if you got ideas. Yeah, desktop pcs.. who games on a laptop? lol
Richard L.
i do actually
laptops have come a long way ;-);-);-)
ahahaha!! they're wicked expensive and you can't update parts man!
Richard L.
it depends on what youre upgrading
and they arent as expensive as you think, but I'll get you a desktop build that will fit your needs ok?
That'd be wicked cool of you!
Richard L.
sure, gimme a few minutes please:-)
take as much time as you need! I'll be lookin at the site anyways
Richard L.
thanks :-)
I've always preferred AMD builds if that helps :-) My old man told me the architecture works better for gaming than an intel system, so that's waht I've always used
Richard L.
how lojng ago was that?
I haven't done any gaming in a couple of years aside from steam games and teh gog stuff, so i'm out of the loop since my build is 2-3 years old
Richard L.
its been a few years since AMD build were better for gaming
Ahh, intel caught up to them? Didn't know that
Richard L.
intel is the undisputed power house for the last 2 to 3 years
and as far as GPU's go
Nvidia GPU's are king right now as well
Ahh yeah I remember Nvidia was prime for crysis when it was released
Richard L.
and they use way less power as well
so youre budget is between 600 and 850 right?
Yeah, I was hoping to get around 1-2tb and hopefully at least 8gig available memory.. the monitor is luckily not something to worry about price-wise, I have an extra 20in. monitor running 1920x1080 so that's all good
Richard L.
ok cool
for sound.. speakers aren't so important, we game after the little one's asleep so we use headphones anyways -- but a nice sound card would be cool. Sorry to run you through the loops like this, but you're saving me a lot of time doing research :-)
Richard L.
thats what were here for ;-)
most of todays gaming systems have a great sound card most of the time
how long has newegg had this help thingy? I never remember it from a couple years ago
Ah yeah
I'd expect so.. shooters being so popular haha
Richard L.
and if youre using a head set, the better ones are usb based so the soundcard doesnt matter ;-)
?! I had no idea. I had some recording quality sound gear on my pc, and had crystal clear audio with headphones so I assumed it was soundcard dependent
Wicked to know though, thanks!
Richard L.
youre welcome
a lot has changed over the last 2 to 3 years
Yeah i'm pretty surprised. Uhmm yeah for gaming criteria as far as system specs, I'd expect she wants to be able to play sims 3, second life, stuff like that. So not the insanely cutting edge stuff but I THINK second life is cpu-heavy??
Richard L.
isnt second life like 2 years old?
I think so but I was looking at the wiki and all the content is created by people
I loaded it on my own pc and it seems like it has to load a LOT of stuff all at once, instead of like.. half-life 2 where the level loads and then it's done & ready to go
Richard L.
I recall runnign it on a amd 650 setup before and it worked jsut about fine. Uhmm i'm going to go look up the specs
Richard L.
Someone on their forums said tehy run it at top quality using these settings: CPU: Intel 2600K

Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme

Memory: Corsair Dominator GT CMGTX7 memory (much as you like but 4MB will be fine for SL)

SSD: OCZ Vertex 3

GPU: SL is very poor on SLI or Crossfire support so go for the best single card you can afford. A MSI N580GTX Lightning Extreme should be fairly handy Smiley Wink
Richard L.
second life right?
Richard L.
second lifge came out in like 2003
the requirements on that game isnt that great
Richard L.
what games do you play?
Well on my pc I have been playing a lot of stuff on steam, mostly older stuff I havent purchased new games lately
Richard L.
so nothing super demanding?
farming simulator 2015 is the newest game ive been playing. i play a lot of stuff on good-old-games.. yeah nothing demanding. it'd be cool to be able to play games wit hthe gf but I think my pc might be able to handle it
Richard L.
got it :-)
Richard L.
im narrowing down the search results ok?
Sounds good to me man
Richard L.
thanks for your patience
what do you think of this one?
it will play everything you and your GF play :-):-)
I'm diggin those specs man, that's definitely even an update over my own pc
Richard L.
does that come with a larger case (IE for adding on or replacing stuff in the future, it'd be cool to have more space in the case)
and uhm.. how do I change it? Windows 8.1 isn't super ideal.. I know it's had all those fiascos
Richard L.
thats a small form factor case to take up less space
Ohh. so I could just transfer it into a larger case that's cool with me. I should probs just ask. what do you think about windows 8 vs vista or xp?
I know i'm still running vista sp2 (and so are most people I know) even with the free windows update
And my dad does his own pc builds as a hobby, he tried the new windows v and was swearing up a storm on the phone, swapped back to vista after like 3-4 days.
Richard L.
windows 10 is the way to go now, as far as im concerned
it doesnt do well on older computers
especially if youre doing an inplace upgrade
i always recommend a fresh install
Yeah total format and all that.. how is windows 10 for navigation and etc? I know I prefer vista because it's really easy to get to the defragmentation and checking the less obvious information
But, like i said, I haven't even used 7/8 and I didn't know w10 was coming out
Richard L.
W10- is actually really easy too
just right click on the windows icon in the corner and it gives you access to 90% of the advanced setting :-)
That sounds even easier! hahaha
would that recommended build be able to handle w10 well?
Richard L.
Well cool man, and at $674 it's easy to budget!
Is newegg doing a temporary 15% off deal?
Richard L.
depends on the product
theres always a different promotion going on on different products :-)
Ah I see
Richard L.
Is it possible to bookmark/save this build then? I was seriously just lookingto get an idea and wasn't planning on purchasing anything tonight
but now.. lol i'll probably be putting in a purchase order pretty quick
Richard L.
you can book mark it
or you can add it to your cart and then save it for later ;-)
haha should've thought of bookmarking. thanks so much dude! i think i'l have one really happy woman here :-)
I hope you have an awesome n ight and thanks for your help
Richard L.
You're welcome, please dont hesitate to come back with any questions that you might have in regards to making a purchase at newegg :-)
cya man!
Richard L.
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