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Q. visitor asked, Im good you?

Edward F.
Welcome to Newegg! How are you today?
Im good you?
Edward F.
I'm doing great, thanks for asking! how can I help you today? Come to check out some PC parts?
Im looking to buy my first gaming PC and have no idea where to start
Im thinking of buying a kit but not sure
i dont know the first thing about a PC
Edward F.
There's a lot that goes into it, but it's really not too difficult. The first thing you want to do is pick out a part you want, such as a CPU, and build around that
For instance, the new i5 processors, pick out a motherboard, then a case that fits the motherboard
Or better, choose the case, then the processor, and pick a motherboard that fits both
Well considering i dont know what fits what lol, what would you recommend?
What CPU is the best in your opinion?
BTW my range of price is around $500-800
Edward F.
Right now I would highly recommend the 6th gen i5-6600 or i5-6500
Okay, that will probably be an i5, gtx 960 type build
Is that a good build? i dont want to get a decemt gaming PC i want a good one that will last for a bit.
Edward F.
Yeah, it is, the cpus are brand new and the 960 will play anything out on high-max settings
For 1080p
That sounds amazing lol.
Edward F.
It's a similar build to what I use
How much did you pay for your build if you dont mind me asking?
Edward F.
I don't mind, it was around $500 but I already had the hard drives
oh okay. so what else would i need other than the i5 gtx 960?
Edward F.
This would be your processor
what kind of hardrives?
ok ill check that out
if i check it out will i lose the chat?
Edward F.
No, you can feel free to browse and click on links
okay give me one second to look at it
Edward F.
I would also recommend this for your video card:
Sure thing
how much more would i7 be?
Edward F.
is i5 still good?
on the video card it says 2GB. is that how much ram i get?
Edward F.
the i5 is definitely good
That's how much video ram you will get, it works perfectly for 1080p screens
whats the difference between RAM and video Ram? anything?
Edward F.
Video ram is used exclusively by the video card, it's for holding in game textures for rendering (as well as other video card related information)
While system RAM, the regular RAM, is used by your CPU and all programs in general
The RAM will be your slots on your motherboard, where video ram is built into the video card
ohhh okay. so we have got the CPU, Videocard, and processot. now what?
Edward F.
CPU and processor are same component, so we have those two
Edward F.
Next... I would recommend looking at some cases
what exactly are cases?
to cover the CPU?
like a phone case?
Edward F.
more like a phone case, but its what you'll be building your computer in
Edward F.
We have all kinds and tons of different price
A lot of it will come down to preference on how you like the looks
i want it to look (excuse me) Bada
Bad azz
Edward F.
bad ass, got it! Usually you'll be looking into ATX mid towers, I'm a fan of the micro towers myself since they use up less space
there are a ton of options
something like this:
Might be in your range
hm what else ya got?
Edward F.
perhaps one like so:
ooooo. I like that. any more?
Edward F.
This is one I was planning on using before I chose something smaller:
very monolithic, awesome looking side, but not a lot of lighting
its nice but not a big fan of all the white. i like the neon look
Edward F.
Gotcha, okay
If you could have any color, which would you go with?
For lighting, main case
purple. definatley or bright blue
Edward F.
Awesome, okay. Most likely a black case with purple or blue lights then?
Edward F.
Alright lets see
maybe something like this?
ooooo. i realy like that.
find any purple?
i know its not a very popular color
Edward F.
Hmm, not seeing too many, I know you can do custom lighting in the future pretty easily
Well what other blue ones are there? i really like this one. just want to see a couple more if you could
thats a little pricey and a little bland.
that one is better. might stick to the blue
Edward F.
Yeah, there are tons of options go browse through
ok so now ive got the case. whats next?
Edward F.
if you wanted to add your own lights, maybe something pure black would be best:
next, we choose a motherboard based on your case
are you going with the DeepCool Tesseract?
that blue one yes
Edward F.
Motherboards are pretty straight forward
Edward F.
so your case specifications say you are allowed to use ATX / Mini ATX / Micro ATX / Mini ITX
Which is pretty much all of them
along with your CPU, the i5-6500
alright. your recommendation?
Edward F.
Which requires the LGA1151 socket
Typically I go with an Asus brand
and why is that?
Edward F.
I trust them, personally, they're bit on making motherboards
Edward F.
what asus then?
Edward F.
This one seems good:
alrighty. what is the 6GBs?
Edward F.
That would be your hard drive max transfer speed
Good for solid state drives
Edward F.
This particular one also has USB-C
so you get some good future compatibility
im actually about to leave in like 8 min. what else do i need? sorry to rush
Edward F.
Last two bits you need to put it all together is RAM and a hard drive, along with your OS
RAM needs to be DDR3 1600
Edward F.
and hard drive, just any would do. I would recommend a 7200 RPM 1TB drive to stay in budget
operating system, Windows 10 most likely
alrighty. that all?
so rough estimate on how much this would all be?
Edward F.
About $60 on the ram, similar on the hard drive give or take
ok. that all?
Edward F.
With that video card I recommended
About $750
Thats right around my range.. Thank you so much for all your help. i really do appreciate it
Edward F.
You're very welcome, glad to help
alright. goodbye now
Edward F.
Feel free to come back any time! Take care
i will if i have anymore questions
Edward F.
Edward F.
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