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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, im good how are you. yes i currenlty have one and im looking to buy my girlfriend one

Edward F.
Welcome to Newegg! How are you tdoay?
im good how are you
Edward F.
I'm doing great, thanks for asking! How can I help you? Come to check out some gaming PCs?
yes i currenlty have one and im looking to buy my girlfriend one
Edward F.
Awesome, did you have anything in mind for her?
well i just need an all around good computer that can run games like Dayz
i have a link to a chassis i want im not to good at knowing what else i know what grapics card i want other than that im not to sure
Edward F.
I would suggest going with an i5 processor for dayz. Something quad core
You don't have to go latest 6th gen if you don't want to go all out
But 4th gen for sure
yes i was hoping for around 3.8gz
Edward F.
would you be able to set up a build and i can over view it ?
Edward F.
Yeah, it'll take a little bit but I can do it
withat that case and a gtx 980
Edward F.
thanks alot :-)
price ranger is around 1500
Edward F.
I'll see what I can do, need to make a build first of all
okay sounds good
Edward F.
Do you have a specific 980 in mind?
not really
Edward F.
okay, i'm a fan of EVGA myself
i have a Geforce gtx 980 in mine so i wanted her to have the same
Edward F.
will it run Dayz fine
Edward F.
do you think you'll bother overclocking the processor for her or just stick with stock speeds? this one is 3.5 GHz
yeah, it will run dayz great
okay and 3.5 is fine idk how to overclock im new at pc i bought mine already made
Edward F.
alien ware
Edward F.
I had an alienware laptop previously (still do, just not in use)
yeah i might give her mine lol and take this one
Edward F.
Do you happen to need wireless?
kinda yes
Edward F.
and will it mainly be dayz or do you plan on play a lot of other games at the same time?
other games also but not at the same time
like a play alot of steam games
Edward F.
At the same time as in will you need a large hard drive or would a 250 gb ssd be enough?
dota2 and tons
like storage space ?
Edward F.
mine has a 1Tb and thats almost full could hers get that also
Edward F.
About the OS
Do you know how to install over USB?
windows 7 if possible
Edward F.
i think i have my disk for that when i got mine tho
but include it anyway i may not have mine
Edward F.
Okay, issue is that I was thinking of leaving the disk drive off, but i'll add it in
ah i see yeah i would add it
Edward F.
oh power supply, last thing
what would you reccomaned
850 ?
Edward F.
actually, do you need keyboard and accessories like that?
i have keyboards and such
Edward F.
Okay great
is there anyway to get this built for me i have a friend who can but i was just wondering
Edward F.
What would you like this wish list to be named? it's going to be under my own profile but public so you can check it out
i guess my name, Jon cassell
Edward F.
What is your email?
Edward F.
send you a link to it
Edward F.
It came out to $1299 after rebates
and the wireless card can be swapped out for something cheaper, i just picked one of the better ones
thats fine
is there anyway to have this be build before i buy it ? if not a friedn of mine can
Edward F.
Oh right, no unfortunately not
damit okay well this should work thanks again
Edward F.
No problem, glad to help!
Edward F.
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