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Leisure Pro expert product information on XS Scuba 2mm Kevlar Bug Grabber Gloves Medium.

visitor asked Will the Mares Abyss 22 Regulator work well in cold water?

XS Scuba 2mm Kevlar Bug Grabber Gloves Medium

XS Scuba 2mm Kevlar Bug Grabber Gloves Medium

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Leisure Pro Needler
Justin R.
Kasia Wolender
Hi, I need some help with this regulator
Hi Kasia!
How are you today?
Hi Justin, do you think this regulator will work well in cold water?
Good, how are you?
I'm great! Thank you! :-)
The Navy edition is great for a cold water environment! That would be a great choice!
Is it heavy?
Can you give me a moment to look into this for you?
What octopus would you recommend to go with it?
Thank you, one moment please
This regulator isn't t heavy but it is very durable for cold water and icey conditions.
Awesome. Could you recommend an octopus as well?
Have you seen the Mares Abyss Extreem Octo?
Could you show it to me?
I'm not familiar with this one
(Can you add items to tray?)
That's greyed out
Same with me
Yeah we'll have to bring that up to Marianne
Great, I will buy this set. Is there anything else you would recommend? I'm thinking of diving in Canada
Do you have an exposure suit already?
Yes, I own a semi-dry suit
Do you already own a hood or gloves?
I own a hood, but lost a pair of gloves recently... could you recommend something?
What size would you need?
Medium womans
i think...
These gloves are very thick and would help keep you warm!
Oh they look great. I've heard of lobster style ones, they supposed to be great, any ideas?
Yes, XS Scuba makes a great set!
These gloves actually run small so you may want to buy one size larger than usual
I own a pair of these myself and they are great protection from the elements and sharp objects
I think I will buy them
That's great, I think you'll love them!
You've been very helpful!
Thank you
Thanks for chatting!
You can leave this chat open when you check out
If you have any questions in the check out process I'd be happy to assist you:-)
Awesome, I'll see how it goes
Okay great!