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Leisure Pro expert product information on Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console.

Shannon asked Will the console pressure line fitting on Sherwood Compact 200' gauge fit the SR1?

Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console

Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console

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Brian D.
Looking at the used Sherwood Compact 200' gauge. I have a Sherwood SR1. I don't want to assume anything but will this console pressure line fitting fit the SR1?
Hi Shannon how are you today?
Give me just a moment to look into your question ok?
You're wondering if this console will fit on your Sherwood SR1 regulator?
Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console
Yes it will fit no problem. Just make sure you connect it to the high pressure port on the first stage of your reg.
Sounds good. Thanks!
Did you want to purchase this console today?
I was and a few other items.
Ok great. Did you have any other questions?
No. Thanks!
If you purchase by 3pm today, the items will ship today too :-)
If you like, you can leave this window open as you go through the checkout process so I cna make sure it all goes smoothly for you.
Will do.
Will the Sherwood Standard Octo (Yellow) fit the SR1 1st Stage?
You bet! :-)
Pretty much all hose sizes are standardized. So virtually any octo or reg will fit almost any first stage, same with the consoles.
Sherwood Standard Octopus, Yellow
Does this octo come with a pressure hose or is it sold separately?
It comes with a 39 inch hose attached to it already.
All you have to do is screw it on to your first stage and you're good to go :-)
Just saw that. Should have looked first.
No problem.
Is the hose different for the power inflator for a BCD, or is it standard hose?
Do you just have a regular inflator on your BCD?
Meaning no integrated octo with the inflator.
correct no integrated octo on inflator(I hear it is love it or like it) so I'm sticking with the standard octo.
The inflator hose connections are standardized, as long as you don't have an integrated octo.
Did you need to buy an inflator hose?
Ok I can find some choices for you if you like.
Phantom Standard Black BCD Inflator Hose 18"
This phantom hose is my favorite (it's what I use now). We have them on sale now. The braided material makes them very flexible and streamlined in your gear.
I'd recommend the 22" size. It is long enough to fit almost any configuration, but not too long to get tangled.
Just about to ask about that
That's what I'm here for :-)
Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console
Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console
Problem I got is I rent BCDs. Not ready to buy since I'm checking out as many as I can before deciding. I don't want to get caught short but dont want it to be too long.
The 22" size will be perfect. There's not really a setup I can think of (short of wearing double tanks) that 22" would be too short for.
On the other hand, 18" can be too short for certain setups so that's why I say 22" :-)
And, though you probably wouldn't need it, Leisurepro has a generous 60/120 day return policy, see here:
Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console
Shannon are you still with me?