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Leisure Pro expert product information on Tusa Element 2 Gauge Computer Console (SCA-251).

visitor asked Which wrist computer do you feel is best, the Sunto "Zoop", or the Oceanic "Veo 180"?

Tusa Element 2 Gauge Computer Console (SCA-251)

Tusa Element 2 Gauge Computer Console (SCA-251)

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Leisure Pro Needler
Jenny H.
hi my name is Jenny!
how can I help you?
So which wrist computer do you feel is best, the Sunto "Zoop", or the Oceanic "Veo 180" ? And which has the biggest screen or largest display ?
hold on please while I take a look
there are a lot of people that like the Zoop
however it's a very conservative computer
So which is the easiest to read under water ?
let me take a look please
what kind of diving are you doing?
Just recreational Carribean diving. Cozumel, Roatan, etc
I love cozumel
It looks like both are easy to read underwater
It looks like people say that both are easy to read and operate
sorry I personally have the Uwatec Aladin 2G which is a little difficult to read
the veo has more audible alarms than the zoop
they're both great computers though and look comparable in how easy they are to read
Cool, Thanks for your research. Scott W.
no problem
which computer do you think you prefer?
So one more question. Is the Aeris XR-1 computer console Nitrox compatable ?
let me check please
do you dive nitrox?
Not yet
no I'm sorry it's not nitrox compatible
if you're thinking of getting your certification you should get a computer with nitrox capabilities that way you won't need to buy a new one when your certification
both the zoop and the veo are both air and nitrox compatible
are you still there?
So does Leisurepro have any nitrox compatable console computers in the $200.00 range that you would recommend ?
I'm sure we do! please give me a minute while I look
is there any other features you are looking for?
easy to read and nitroc compatible?
Easy to figure out. I'm not big on technology.
haha ok
I hate when I'm underwater trying to mess with my dive computer
so this 200$ and a pretty good computer that comes in a console
it's also nitrox compatible and has a large screen
what do you think of that one?
I didn't see it listing nitrox, but if you say so, but just noticed the Oceanic Veo 180 in a console for $219.00 How do these two compare ?
I would personally go with the oceanic veo
although both are good computers oceanic computers are more well known
I think that will be my choice. Thanks for your input. Scott W.
of course here to help!
do you plan on purchasing this tonight?