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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black.

Andrew asked Which of these BCD is better ScubaPro Knighthawk or the Aqualung/SQ Balance?

Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black

Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black

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Jenna M.
Hello! Welcome to Leisure Pro!
HI! How are you today?
doing well thanks
Good to hear :-)
What can I do for you?
had a few questions
do you know which BCD is better? or have an opinion on? the ScubaPro Knighthawk or the Aqualung/SQ Balance
My first instinct says knighthawk
Let me check up on the balance though
any reasons why?
I know the knighthawk
I've known people who use it
I also like the massive amounts of D-rings on it
does SP offer the free parts for life?
Let me check on that :-)
Free parts meaning, free servicing if something goes wrong?
right - for the yearly service
The knighthawk has a warranty of 24 months
Honestly though, they are both good BC's
a lifetime warranty though is hard to beat
aqualung is lifetime?
The seaquest
Yup, it says right on the site, lifetime warranty
another question
Shoot :-)
does the 6-month, no interset financing end tomorrow?
No, that usually goes for a while
or is that a constant offer/option
its a sort of credit card
Its a pretty constant offer
gotcha -
last thing -
are you interested in applying for it?
not yet
Sure :-)
if i were to go with the scuba pro (or the sq balanced) what would be a good regulator set to go with it
not the most expensive but something solid and high quality
Whichever regulator you would like. I really like the aeris 400 pro, i'll pull it up
ive heard that is good
It has a really good first stage
balanced diaphragm
and has 2 high pressure ports, so you can have a air integrated computer and a pressure gauge on the same reg
Its a good price too, especially since there is still an octo and a pressure guage to add on
what is the pressure gauge that goes with it
any pressure guage can go with it
well if i get the knighthawk i wouldnt need the octo
if you get the one with the air 2 option
now if i wanted to do a package with that reg and the KH BC, and a gauge, does it end up being cheaper as a package?
Aeris Max-Depth Console
For pressure guage, you can either go with one like this
or a computer one, like this next one
Aeris XR-1 Computer Console
Its only $50 more than the regular guage, so I'd go with the computer
And if you want to make a package, you can do so
There is a create your own option
They will usually give you a pretty good deal with a package
even if you make your own?
sometimes it adds good discounts, sometimes it doesnt. I think it depends on the sales of the items that you have in your package
Then click on "create your own package"
you will have to enter the skus and then hit submit, they will then let you know of the offer they will give you
Then you can decide if you want to buy or not
What do you think of that computer/gauge console?
thats awesome - i have a dive watch so i swore never to buy a flashy comp but that is a good deal with the gauge
what do you dive with?
I dive with a aeris 400 swivel
and the pressure guage I first showed you
i really like them
I would get this computer, but I've got my eye on a wrist computer that i'm saving up for
Are there any other questions I can help to answer?
the aris 400 is the same reg you showed me right?
yup, I just have a swivel version
The second stage of it is a bit smaller than this one, and it has a swivel feature,
its an older style
they ahve since replaced it with the 600
Aeris AT 400 ION Swivel Regulator Black
the 400 swivel is on closeout now
sorry last thing - what is the difference in the swivel vs the 400 pro
the swivel is smaller, and it also has a swivel feature at the end, so that it can rotate around the hose
it can make it easier to fit in and stay in your mouth
gotcha i like that for only 25 more
yeah, not a bad price :-)
we have some amazing deals right now for the holidays
cool well thats all i have
Alrighty :-)
thanks for your help
Have an amazing day and a great holiday season!
you too!