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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Manta Scuba and Free Diving Wrist Computer Blue.

visitor asked Which dive computer has air/nitrox and free dive mode?

Aeris Manta Scuba and Free Diving Wrist Computer  Blue

Aeris Manta Scuba and Free Diving Wrist Computer Blue

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Kasia W.
Welcome to Leisure Pro. My name is Kasia. How can I assist you today?
Hello, how are you today?
Hi, I'm buying a wrist dive computer for my son who has looked at Mares Puck, Oceanic Geo, Suunto Zoop and Cressi Leonarnado. He wanst air/nitrox modes and free dive mode. Do all these models have those functions?
Will you please give me a minute while I compare them all?
Thank you
The only one with free dive mode would be Oceanic Geo
Are you thinking of purchasing it?
I am. I was wondering if I get one of these models as a gift would I or he be able to return it or trade it in if it's not the model he really wants?
This one is currently out of stock. Would you like me to suggest other computers with free dive mode?
I'll show you our return policy
We give 60 days for customers to return the merchandise for a full refund and another 60 days (120 days in total) to return for store credit, excluding any shipping charges, No RMA number is required, we provide customer a link to download a Return Merchandise Form which they fill out and include in the return along with a copy of the original invoice.

Aeris Manta Scuba and Free Diving Wrist Computer Blue
Thanks. Are you sure the Cressi doesn't have free dive? And yes I would be interested in other models.
Let me check producer's website
In the meantime please take a look at Aeris Manta which is very similar to GEO. Aeris and Oceanic are the same company
Aeris Manta Scuba and Free Diving Wrist Computer Blue
I just checked and Leonardo doesn't have free dive mode.
Thank you. Does the Aeris have more features than the GEO? It's a bit more expensive.
It's a different brand but let me compare to make sure
Oceanic GEO Wrist Computer "Old Style" Blue
Aeris Manta Scuba and Free Diving Wrist Computer Blue
They are very similar.
I'd say it is the same computer
Do you need it as a Holiday gift?
You can try back-ordering it
I am unable to tell you when it will be back in stock. But we do restock every day
If you order it, you can cancel the order any time
Or you can be notified when it will be in stock
by clicking "notify me when in stock
Just go to the computer website
Okay. Thanks I will do that.
Would you like me to help you find anything else?
No. Thanks very much for your help.
When you hit "end chat" button, there will be a short survey. I'd appreciate your feedback.
Okay will do.
Thank you for shopping with us. And good luck! I hope it will be in stock soon.
Have a great Sunday!
thanks you too.