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Leisure Pro expert product information on Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator.

Christian asked When you buy a regulator or octopus/pressure gauge, do you have to get them attached?

Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator

Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator

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Hope M.
Welcome to Leisure Pro, how can we help you?
HI Christian how are you doing?
Hi I guess I just have a general question, well thanks, and you?
How can I help you today?
I am doing great
I was just wondering when you by a regulator and or octopus/pressure gauge do you have to get them attached together yourself or does leisure pro do that?
Usually most people attach it themselves or take it to a local shop.
Which regulator were you looking at?
Okay great and I don't think I am planning on any purchases today but would you have any recommendations for a advance open water beginner (I've done about 20 dives) and going south this year!
What brands have you used in the past?
I just bought a Sherwood Sr1 myself and love it.
Um I'm not sure I guess what they had at the shops I believe sherwood, cressi, and tusa and aeris
ok, Do you plan on doing any cold water diving?
uh well I live in NB Canada, so the cold water here is 8-12oC
I dive cold waters and went for the Sr1 if I was going to do warm waters I would go witht the scubapro s600
Do you dive local?
dergree fahrenheit
only once !
Cold water is great fun
I was finding myself wanting to do more diving so I had to go local around nyc. Which is why I have gone over to the cold side.
It means I get to be in the water all the time.
I see, I can't open that link it says the product is currently unabailable
which product?
let me see
they must be changing it
I pulled up the next one in line
awesome the SR1 is the sherwood?
It's the top of the line for Sherwood.
okay I guess I should inform you I am a student as well and probably won't spend that much money at this time in my life, is there any recommendations you have for a less costly one or would you think its good to go big now and it'll last?
If you were going to go with only warm water I would suggest a look at the Genesis package.
Would you like me to pull that up for you?
You could go with a lower model and see how long it lasts you with proper upkeep and cleaning you could get many years out of any product.
So would you have any cheaper recommendations for warm/cold water?
If you were looking to do more cold water diving then I would suggest going with buying it once and having the best of the best.
This package is 266
Alright !
and the genesis is warm only correct?
I also know that we have a few pieces of cressi that would be cheaper by a few dollars
for warm or cold, sorry to keep asking!
Well you risk the chance of freezing
I don't think thats a risk I really want to take!
not one I want to take which is why I moved up to the Sr1
It all depends on what you plan to do with your diving over the next few years
The cressi setup
is a good warm water setup.
yes I guess I'll have to think about that before I make any major decisions !
yes that would be smart
alright I guess thats everything thanks so much for your help
You are most welcome.