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visitor asked What would be a good travel BCD to Cocos Island?

XS Scuba Airwave Octopus

XS Scuba Airwave Octopus

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Michael S.
Hi I'm Mike! I'll be your sales consultant today.
How are you doing?
How may I help you today?
Hey - I'm good - need help with BCD, reg, computer, etc purchase.
Looking at the zeagle stiletto
I am a female with experience going to Cocos Island - need a good travel BCD, durable, and easy to use - would you recommend the stiletto?
Also wondering about the Octo z alternate air source...worth it? is Julie
Hi Julie
Ok lets start with the bc's
Do you prefer the jacket style or something more back inflating?
I have always used jacket...never used back inflating...
Ok, well the back inflating can take some getting used too
then let's say jacket...
To the right are just a few to get you started...
Are there any specific features you require?
BTW these are all light weight TRAVEL bcd's
nope...local dive shop mentioned cressi travel light - is this one of the better BCs?
Cressi or Oceanic?? Is there a real difference between the 2?
Cressi is a very durable bcd and very user friendly!
What can you tell me about sherwood?
Sherwood is one of my favorite companies...
I personally own a sherwood regulator (2) and bcd
Do they have a more lightweight one for travel?
Under rated as far as quality and still affordable. I find their equipment to be equal to or better than most higher priced companies
Travel/lightweight is not priority though...I want comfort, ease of use, durable etc.
Let's look at the Sherwood then
this one has many features that people look for
weight integration...and wrap around comfort
Perfectly positioned air dump valve
This looks awesome...but my size is in between. 5'6, 120lbs...
I really think you could get away with a small
You have model you normally fit into a medium bcd?
So I get the I buy a discounted package for reg, etc
or get other stuff...I usually rent so never worry about this stuff
Oh, what type of regulator are you looking for?
Wow...we think alike...I was just going to mention the Sherwood Holiday Package
I just got so happy about that but they don't have small :-(
Sherwood Women's Holiday Package #2
also out of stock :-(
None of these Holiday packages have a small in stock?
Sherwood Holiday Package
When is your trip?
I leave on Nov 29
Sherwood Holiday Package
Hmm, if you have your heart set on one of these packages I'm sure they could expedite a request order
Who do I talk to?
I would at least :-)
Customer service
Our Customer Service team can be reached at 800-637-6880 or email at our Customer Service dept is open M-T 9:30am-6:00pm, Fri 9:30am-5:00pm, and closed on Saturdays & Sundays
Can they guarantee it?
Yep...if they expedite it...
IF they are able to request it from the manufacturer AND it's not backordered I think they could. Ask them what the time would be...stress the trip is coming up fast
Ok - will do that.:-) Thank you for your help!!
You are very welcome! Glad I can help and I hope it works out for you!
Thank you!
Sherwood Holiday Package
Sherwood Holiday Package
If I don't see you here, enjoy your trip!
Will do for sure! :-) Hammerheads, tigers, white tips, etc. :-) Can't be all bad. Take care!
Do you have a camera?
I do - and just bought all new henderson gear from you...
Great company
but I do need a light
dive watch
and think I want a wrist dive computer...
Are you interested in a flood or direct beam?>
A flood
night dive with white tip feeding...what do you recommend?
Underwater Kinetics Fathom Pak Set, Includes the C8, SL4 and Mini Q40 Lights and a Dive Beacon Light
Local dive shop recommended C1??? can't remember brand
C1 is good light...small, but good
This UK pak has every light you'd need for a great night dive experience
I use this pack often
Sherwood Holiday Package
Sherwood Holiday Package
Sherwood Holiday Package
This looks great!
When I work at night I have the pistol grip for general looking around use
For more direct beams I use the mini q
It's bright as far as flooding the immediate area
I'm going to order this. How far is the "beam" from the pistol grip
I'd say the beam penetrates at least 15-20'
Anything that might go farther? Vis is 60-80
In that kind of visibility it will travel at least 30-40 (flood)
The more direct beams are the precision
Got it. I like the idea of having something to hang from me so they know where I am too just in case :-)
That's the beacon...awesome to have!
Has helped me more trhen once!
lol! I hope it doesn't hsve to help me. :-)
I'm sure you'll be in good hands :-)
What about a wrist computer?
I was working at night installing dam systems and the beacon helped them locate me when I got stuck in an intake
The wrist computers...
Wow!! That had to be scary...
Dive shop here said to get Sherwood insight
a bit, but I didn't panic
Better person than me...I think I might have
Mares Nemo Apneist Wrist Computer
Mares Nemo Apneist Wrist Computer
Been in worse...
been doing this a LONG time so after a while you know when to panic
Mares computer is out of stock...
Oceanic VEO 1.0 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer
Suunto "Vyper" Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer, Silver
Trying to send you the links to the wrist computers
There were some there but they just disappeared
Are you looking to branch into Nitrox?
getting certified this Fri...have to for the trip
Oh great!! You'll love the new freedom!
Oceanic VEO 1.0 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer
This one is SO user friendly and easy to use! My buddy bought this when he first started and LOVES it!
User friendly is a must!
Lol...I'm with you there!
Is this one the freedom?
This is the Oceanic VEO
:-) Last thing I want to do is have to figure out how to use something
Got it...I thought you were saying there was a product called freedom lol
you were saying nitrox gives me freedom
Just for does this compare to the sherwood insight?
This one has a few less features
probably ones that I don't need?
I can't say that...
I was looking at the idea of entry level and cost
The Sherwood has all the features you would ever need and would grow with you
I'll have to think about that. do you know if it's easy to use?
Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer Black/Silver
The Sherwood is a bit more intimidating, but not overwhelming
I do have a little time to figure it out I suppose. Am just thinking if everything else is sherwood...why the heck not
I think the Sherwood would give you the most bang for your buck
Back to the bc...which of the sherwoods should I request if they can expedite? The women's?
Which one did you like the most?
I don't know without trying on...that's the catch
Is there a local sherwood dealer near you?
yep...but they don't have the women's in
Not ANY womans sherwood?
Reason I asking is the sizes are universal...if the womans sherwood (model anything) small fits you then every sherwood womans small will fit
nope...they had none
small shop - live in Columbus, OH
Take a look at sherwood's on closeout
A navy shipmatge of mine is in Columbus
Small world!
And they have a small
That's the first one I showed you isn';t it?
well regardless...this one is really nice
Im looking at the features now
I don't think so...this one looks to be back inflating am i right?
It seems to be
we looked at the Avid...that's the one out of stock :-(
ahh right...
Here's the deal with back inflators...they float you differently then jackets
you can combat that with weight distribution and placement
If you were interested in getting into back mounts this would be the one to make the transititon with
I think I want ease of use with this...since I'm used to jacket I should prob stick with jacket, huh?
I get that...and I'm pretty stuck in my ways...I still use the jackets myself :-)
"if it isn't broke..."
lol! I agree...
Hmm, just as an experiment...we have a feature called create your own package
in the package section
Sherwood Luna BCD with CQR Weight Integration System Medium
Before we do that experiment...check this one out
Do you see the Luna Julie?
I do but it says it is no longer available... screen says it's in stock
Mine says it has been discontinued and is no longer available...
the link takes me to a different luna...if I search it it takes me to a pink one...
Are you into pink?
nah...but for the 499 they have the avid CQR3 (closeout is the CQR2)
That makes sense
how do we build a package with this? click on the "create your own"
there will be menus for every type of equipment you can dream of
add the bcd, regulator, wrist computer that you want
I don't see create your own...
Is it on the product page?
I'm on the cqr3 page
Go to the top where it says packages
click on that
got it...then clicked on create my own. :-)
hit scuba
I used this about eight years ago and I was amazed with the price they gave me! Needless to say I have been a loyal customer since!!
Sherwood Holiday Package
Oceanic VEO 1.0 Air/Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer
Mares Nemo Apneist Wrist Computer
Suunto "Vyper" Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer, Silver
Sherwood Holiday Package
Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer Black/Silver
Awesome! I didn't see this for all the henderson gear I bought...I should call them :-)
I mixed and matched stuff...
It's surprisingly not well known!
Take a look at the sherwood zodiac...what do you think?
I was looking at this one...I like the looks of it but didn't you want weight integration?
There isn't a place for weights?
why would they do that?
Old school
I still use a belt only
The weight integrated one is a xxsm
I certainly can't wear that :-)
I would prefer integrated
what is your alltime favorite brand? still sherwood?
I love Sherwood, Mares, and Scubapro
what's the difference between sherwood and mares...anything?
When I was in the Navy we tested so many different brands and those were consistently the best
Not really much difference at all
what about with scubapro...they seem more it worth it?
It comes down to little things like air delivery under stress and so on
Certain things are worth the prices
Personally I love the Jetfins and to me they are worth the expense
what are jetfins?
lol are you having 2 conversations?
ScubaPro Jet Fins, Black X-Large
No...Im telling you certain prices with Scubapro are worth it because of little features
Oh! Got it...we went from BCs to fins...made me giggle.
just bought Mares...yellow for like 120...
These are the jet fins. Ive been diving for thirty years and to me and my diving job...these are the best for me
are scubapro BCs worth the money?
If you like the idea of the AIR II system, I would say it's worth every dime. If you're not impressed with that feature and stick with everything else then I'd say no
what's AIR II
With the same features as everyone else they are highly priced
Air II is a system scubapro has that
Acts as an alternate inflation and reg system
ScubaPro Knighthawk BC with Air 2 Alternate Inflation Regulator Medium
Look at this monster!!
it looks huge!
what about glide pro bc with air 2
Scubapro Glide Pro BC Medium Black
Ahh, THAT'S more like it!!
Wow, this one has every single feature you can imagine AND the AIR II (eliminates the need for an octopus)
Being that you don't need an octo you can see why this is a little more expensive then others. Take your typical bcd and add 200 to it (for an octo) and you'll see this is a value
Plus it has an unheard of two year warranty
they also have a ladyhawk...
nevermind...back flotation
so what kind of reg?
Again...little features.
I have a Sherwood Blizzard hooked up to my full face mask, and a Mare Abyss for everything else
this is all so complicated... :-)
It can be...but the complications are all about what YOU want. not in high tech jargon or bionics or rocket science
How long have you been diving Julie?
10 years...but not consistently
always rented never wanted to mess with stuff so it was never an issue
So you've been diving long enough to know what you like and want
Certainly have had stuff I liked and didn't like...
The advantage to the renting is that you've tried many different things
couldn't tell you brands though...just know I want to breath easy and not worry about it...
Ok...there's something else we can work with
Adjustable flow
The knob on the regulators is an adjustable flow knob
What tghis does is allows you to adjust the sensitivity and airflow under different conditions
Scubapro MK17/A700 Regulator worth it?
For example: you're diving in a heavy current and start to breathe heavy.
Scubapro MK17/A700 is definitely a winner
In fact that's one I've had my eye on all year...
I want to replace my Sherwood Blizzard with this one
we'll add that for fun...what about gauge/computer
Ahh...then I have good taste :-)
I would stick with a wrist computer and keep analog gauges for safety/back up
Never know when that battery may die and leave you blind underwater
so I put in the sherwood wrist computer...what about the gauge?
Here's where I'm specifically a Sherwood person
We had brought a Sherwood depth gauge into a decompression chamber...and it was the only one that was within +/- a foot...dead on
Some of the other brands were off 9-10'!!
wow...which one should I get?
Let me take a look
Sherwood Compact 200' Two Gauge Console
Here's one that is perfect
I can't find it in the make your own package
they have this

Sherwood CG2155 Compact Console
Didn't see that one!
I'd go with that
nitrox compatible?
and i don't need an octopus?
These kind of gauges aren't picky about gas
If you go with the AIR II, you don't
Because it's built in
I did go with the air I'm looking at gear bags...want one with wheels :-)
I like Akona or Armor
Akona Evolution Roller Bag (AKB159) on sale...
Cant go wrong with that!
Looks like the Armor bag I have. I travel ALL the time with my job and it's held up for five years now
This might work too Akona Less Than 7 LB (3.2 kg) Carry On Roller Bag (AKB282)
think I like the first one better
I was going to tell you to go with the first as it seems more durable
I think that's it...thank you sooo much for your help!
Did you submit it for a price?
I'm gonna add the light and see what the price is...but one last question - the package is it LED flood or not?
Let me check wait, no's a zenon actually brighter
the led's are a novety idea and inexpensive to replace, but I really don't think that they are better at all
OK - i just submitted but it says I must select octopus
If the tech is smart he'll know the AIR II
Pick one that's expendable (the cheapest) (it's a safety feature in the package logrithm)
You can tell him when you talk the specifics of the details goes nothin'
XS Scuba Airwave Octopus
Don't take their first price
Absolutely! I love haggling. :-)
You're perfect for this then!!
Plus they can see that I just spent 1,000 with them on wet suit, boots, gloves, etc
wow, and you went all Henderson?
I've got lots of haggling experience.
I need work in that area
Yes - mostly. Mares fins, water proof gloves, henderson aqualock hood and booties, atomic aquatics mask
just replaced everything...was going to need to be done eventually
also got lavacore stiff
Ooh...I love Lavacore
Hoping it's worth it...heard it is!
Thanks sooo much for all of your help! I really appreciate it.
You are so welcome and I'm so glad I could help you!
Good luck with the haggling and I hope you get a great bargain
Thank you!! They're gonna be in trouble with me. :-) Have a great evening@
If I don't see you enjoy your trip...I wish I could see the pictures!
what's your email? will send you pics when I return...
won't be until mid December
That would be AWESOME!! I love shark dives and especially night dives!
you on FB?
I think theres several
Michael stelling?
In in Valhalla NY
give me a sec
awesome - just sent friend request.
pics from guadalupe and hawaii are on there as well
Let me seeing others diving pics!
just got back from guadalupe Oct 8...great whites...awesome!!!!!
I am SO jealous!!!
It was an incredible trip - highly recommend at some point in your life...I will go back for sure!!
Just got the acceptance! Gotta go get ready for dinner. Thanks again. Will let you know as soon as I hear from the tech.
Awesome! Please do!!
Ok have a great night! Great talking with you!
Likewise - thanks!
You bet!