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Leisure Pro expert product information on Mares Icon HD Air Integrated Hose-Less Dive Computer (Complete System) .

visitor asked What type of hoseless dive computers does Leisure Pro carries?

Mares Icon HD Air Integrated Hose-Less Dive Computer (Complete System)

Mares Icon HD Air Integrated Hose-Less Dive Computer (Complete System)

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Leisure Pro Needler
Miyuki S.
Hi, I'm Miyuki and I'm here to assist you in finding the right gear for you.
How may I help you today?
May I have your name please?
I am looking for a hoseless computer
hi Jessica!
what kind of diving do you do?
It is for my husband for Christmas
i see
Mainly freshwater but we have done some saltwater. He will finish up his divemaster program and wants a hoseless
does he dive nitrox?
No but I would want one that could do nitrox.
ok gotcha
That is something that he is wanting to move into.
do you have a budget in mind?
Sort of, but I am open to any of them really
okay. do you want a compass?
That would be a nice add on. He was looking at the Ion I think
okay great.
may i have a moment to pull some up for you?
Are you able to see the links?
Yes I just opened it.
These computers have the features we discussed.
Ok, another question. He is gonna start doing salvage with another diver that has the Icon. Would he need one so they could see each others air or would it work with any hoseless dive computer?
It depends on what he has.
What computer does his friend have?
Mares Icon HD Air Integrated Hose-Less Dive Computer (Complete System)
Mares Icon HD
I clicked on that one. It was on the side of the link you sent me
Let me see if the Icon has a buddy check feature and about the compatibility of transmitters
When it says complete system, what does that mean?
you get the transmitter and the computer
if his friend has the icon and they want to keep an eye on each others pressure, he needs to have the icon
Ok and is the $1598.95 the best price you all offer on it?
Yes it is.
Do you all currently have a used one?
may i have a moment to check please?
Sure. Thank you.
sorry, but we do not have it used. the package is cheaper than buying the items separately (1619.90)
did you want to place an order for the icon package today?
I am going to have to save up some before I can pay for it. Thank you for all your help.
sure thing. it's been my pleasure!
Have a great day!
you too! :-)
Fell free to come back and ask for me if more questions come up!
My name is Miyuki
I sure will. Thanks.
Take care! :-)