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Ryan asked What size would you recommend for a pony?

Caribbean Fish I.D. Card

Caribbean Fish I.D. Card

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Steve S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
what size would you recomend for a pony?
How deep do you normally dive?
60 to 100
I usually like to recommend nothing smaller than 19cu.
The larger the more time you have on it obviously.
ya looking to hook the octo strait to the pony and get it off my reg
Understandable. I have the same setup.
Do you have any pony now?
no not currently
i dive a 100
Ok. What you will need then is the pony bottle as well as a small pressure guage for it. Let me find that for you as well.
Genesis Pony Bottle Tank Small Pressure Gauge
any idea of the boyancy?
Let me look that up for you. One second.
The buoyancy of the 19cu. tank when full is -0.3
what about empty?
I'm looking that up now.
and one last question, what do you think about the spare air?
I'm sorry. Looks like the list I was looking at was wrong.
The tank when full has a buoyancy of -1.5.
When empty -0.2.
ok thought that was a little off
The spare air instead of a pony?
ya just curious
The spare air is only 3cu. so you will only get a couple of breaths off of it at most.
Much less than a 19cu
ya the folks i have talked to would rather use them as a paper weight
It is convenient since it has the integrated mouth piece but it is very small. I would recommend those for people who dive shallow reef dives.
Very true.
ok thanks for the help!
happy diving
You are welcome! Were you looking to purchase today? If so I can stay online to help you with any issues that may arise during the checkout process.
still thinking few more people to talk to
Sounds good. We are here for anything you need help with. I will leave this chat window open in case you have any other questions while browsing the site. When you are done, you can click the End Chat button at the top of the window.
ok thanks!
Your Welcome !Have some great diving!
you too, ever dived the govenor off myrle beach?
Unfortunately I haven't. I hear its great diving though!
thats where i am headed next week. hope its good
That's great! I wish I had more time to dive!
me too, ok i won't take anymore of your time, have a good one
No problem at all. Anytime!
Have a great night!
you too