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Leisure Pro expert product information on Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto.

David asked What is your best titanium knifes for spearfishing/freediving?

Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto

Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto

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Justin R.
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May I have your name please?
Hi David, how are you tonight?
what titanium knifes do you recommend for spearfishing/freediving. I am doing great thanks
I spearfish about 3-4 days a week. Here's the knife I really enjoy using the most.
It's a titanium blade, tanto tip knife
how do you carry it and is it on sale
I carry it on my calf
It comes with the leg straps
It's on sale currently from $140 down to $85
why do you like this one, how big is blade
It has a very nice handle, the blade stays sharp very long, I like the tip for fishing, it has the tank banger end on the handle and it looks really cool
It looks larger in pictures than it is in person
The blade is 5"
do you like the wenoka squeeze one?
Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto
I also have one of these Wenoka's that works really well and is smaller
is that the one on sale for 52.95?
It's actually $46.95
and how is best way to carry that one
Here is the one on sale for $52.95
Also the leg strap
All of these will be best carried on your leg
why one wenoka vs other
They're both very similar, the handles are different
Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto
Wenoka "Squeeze" Lock Titanium Knife, Stiletto Tip Black
Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto
The EZ Lock also has a line cutting section on the blade that I like
thanks let me take a better look at that
You're welcome
Do you prefer the pointed tips? Or tanto tip?
Beta Titanium Knife, Tanto Tip Black
doesnt matter that much I just want the knife to last and be able to get it out with no problem and also to lock well
All of the Wenoka knives lock in very well
I have never lost one
thanks for your input, let me think a little on it
No problem, take your time
I am mainly free diving in keys for grouper, snappers, , triggers etc
Okay cool, I fish for the same species also . I use both that EZ Lock and the Beta and both work really well
sounds good
Do you have a spear gun and stringer already?
Or gloves?
Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto
Beta Titanium Knife, Tanto Tip Black
why do you like one tip vs other and do wenoka come with straps
I generally take the wenoke when going for smaller fish and the Beta when going for larger fish. Both tips work well for spearfishing.
Yes, they come with 2 straps
i mean the stiletto vs tanto tips?
most fish I get are in the 12 to 30 in range
For me the tip really doesn't make too much of a difference aside from the blunt tip style wouldn't work
The stiletto slides in a little more smooth
Less force
makes sense
Wenoka "Squeeze" Lock Titanium Knife, Stiletto Tip Black
I like the $46.95 knife over the $52.95 model because of the line cutting section on the blade
how far out do you have to go in Boynton
Usually I go to Pompano Beach
The 1st reef starts about 200 feet out
I usually go about 2500 feet out though to get to the 30 foot drop off
ok the 46 one sounds best for what I am doing I go about 4 -6 times a month, but hear you have to go 3 nautical miles out from any land
Oh wow, that's pretty far out. Where are you located?
key largo , so need a boat
Oh okay cool, I think up towards Miami there are some close shore diving areas also
differenr rules for different cities , even in keys
Yeah, I've seen that. I'm not familiar with all the rules in the Keys
So many sanctuaries and such
Do you have a spear gun already?
lots of rules to know, for places to go , limits, fish size, seasons etc
That's for sure
I have 2 guns and also use Haw slings
Oh cool. Are there a lot of lion fish out that way?
lately I have been doing free shafting with the gun
That's awesome
still lots of lion fish, most times I see a few
I have one more in mind if you ever shoot the lion fish
Just a sec while I find it
Xs Scuba FogCutter Recon Knife
It doubles as a shears also
So you could cut the barbs off the lion fish
One of my friends just got one and it's pretty sick
good idea , Im not big on handling them
Okay cool, just a thought
Wenoka Titanium EZ-Lock Knife Stiletto
thanks I see if my wife or son are going to buy it for me , if not I will, what the biggest fish you shot going from the shore
Okay cool, sounds good.
Usually hog fish
Maybe 15-18" from shore on a good day
I do a lot of deep dives too though and pull 20-25" off those wrecks at about 150 feet
Not bad , not too many hogs over 16 here umnless you get into 60+ feet, yesterday I got a 16 but that was the biggest one I have seen for a few years, lots of mangroves lately and some muttons
Oh cool!
You're welcome David!
I hope you get a great knife for Christmas! :-)