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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aqualung Hotshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Green.

visitor asked What is your best Scuba dive fins for tropical climate?

Aqualung Hotshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Green

Aqualung Hotshot Open Heel Fins Large/X-Large Green

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Leisure Pro Needler
Kimberly S.
Welcome to LeisurePro. I'm here to be your personal equipment consultant. Let's get started picking out the perfect gear for you!
my name is Kim
How can I help you?
Nice to meeet you Sean ere
Hi Sean
What's up?
I was looking at Scuba dive fins
need some help picking some out?
yes Please
are these for tropical diving?
will yu be making entries where you walk over rocks?
(basically, will you need an open heal or fullfoot fin?)
Possibly , mostly boat entry , and looking for open heel
cool - open heel it is then
do you want a split fin or full bladded fin?
Im not sure of the differences , but would like them to be fairly light weight and easy to pack in luggage
no worries. if you have joint problems or a weak kick, split fins and good. if not, i suggest the full bladded fins
are these fins specifically for traveling?
i have just the thing if so
what is your foot size?
but also want good propulsion
of course
us size 11
thank you
let me just verify the size for these - i'll be right back
you will need the large/x-large size for these fins
they are super lightweight, flexible with great propulsion and can fit into a carry-on bag
what do you think about these fins?
They look good
in my opinion these are the best travel fins out there
i have used them and really like them
are you interested in getting these today?
Great well thank you for your help. No sorry i cant today.
oh ok
when you are ready, please come back into chat so i can verify your order is processed correctly :-)
is there anything else I can assist you with?
Ok i will thanks again
no problem
no all good
when you are ready, please click end chat
there is a short survey and i'd appreciate feedback on my 10 star service :-)
will do