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Leisure Pro expert product information on Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Piston Regulator DIN, Blue .

visitor asked What is your best first stage regulator?

Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Piston Regulator DIN, Blue

Oceanic Alpha 9 SP5 Piston Regulator DIN, Blue

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Paula G
Hi How may I assist you this evening?
I'm looking for a first stage regulator
it's a gift
but it's for my girlfriend, and I would like it to be a good performer
but unfortunately my budget won't allow me to buy her the 1000$ regulators lol
No worries! We can get you a good for much less.
I'm trying to keep it to around $350
Couple of quick questions. What kind of diving does she do?
recreational diving, mostly beach and some boat
basic open water
Is it in warm water?
nothing technical, yet
generally in warm water
actually, always in warm water
reefs, etc.
Ok great, that helps. Let me put a couple on your screen for you.
This is a Mares. They are a great solid regulator. In fact I dive with a very similar Mares reg.
Do you know if she prefers a certain brand?
no, I don't know for sure
Cressi Ellipse Titanium MC9 Regulator
it's kind of a surprise, so I haven't asked her a bunch of questions re: brands and such
Not a problem. You will get good boyfriend points for this lol
I freedive, so while i am certified for SCUBA I don't follow it as much.
lol, hope so
cressi is a good brand for freedive gear. didn't know they make scuba regs though. intersting.
This cressi is a really good regulator with a balanced diaphragm
Cressi makes great affordable equipment.
how about zeagle? any good? I know a couple of her dive buddies swear by zeagle equipment...
They are more know for their BCD's than there regulators.
The ones they make are good but expensive.
Have you heard of scuba pro?
Scubapro MK2 Plus/R295 Regulator
This is another really well built brand.
no... but that doesn't mean much. My exposure is pretty limited.
I know cressi, aqua lung, zeagle, mares...
she has a mares bcd
The Mares reg also comes with a super flex hose.
not sure what that means, lol...
but it sounds like a good thing?
They are more reliable and durable.
what's the diff between the mares instinct 12s and the prestice 12s?
Mares Prestige 12S She Dives Regulator
Let me check for you
Also, how are oceanic regs?
the alpha 9 gets pretty good reviews...
They are both pretty much the same regulator. Both are environmentally sealed. Its basic design.
Let me check on that one.
Which alpha 9 are you looking at?
good question. how can I tell?
If you look none of them have very many review.
I can tell lol
I'm carving through the internet trying to find as much info as possible on the ones you suggested
the mares is a very decent unit
I really recommend the Cressi or the Mares.
For reliability and ease of breathing.
She may want to stick to Mares if she is diving a Mares BCD
Do you know what she has been using?
Is it a rental?
no, actually she's been borrowing a friend's
he has a whole bunch
zeagle and oceanic units, I believe
he recommended zeagle to me, actually
but he said I couldn't go wrong with either zeagle or oceanic
I think he's biased though lol
Let me show you a couple zeagle
well, I'm not particularly brand-oriented... my primary concern is value...
I like to get maximum performance per dollar
brand is irrelevant. I'll take a less-known brand that outperforms the big name stuff any day
Zeagle DS-V/ZX Regulator Din with Yoke Adaptor
Ive checked a couple of other but in your budget I still go back to those two.
Would you like me to look at a few others for you?
They actually put a really good regulator on sale for christmas.
Take a look at that one.
Are still with me?