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Leisure Pro expert product information on Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer.

visitor asked What is your best air integrated diving computers?

Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer

Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer

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Brian D.
Jenna Moe
I'm interested in buying a new dive computer. I have been diving with just regular gauges since getting certified, and I only have 5 dives other than certification dives under my belt? Can you please help me find a good computer? I like the air integrated ones.
Hello Jenna, how are you today?
I'm great! Looking for a dive computer to use though
I can definitely assist you in finding a new dive computer.
Do you prefer a wrist-mounted computer or a console type?
I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards a wrist mounted one so that I dont have to keep pulling my gauges up.
I'm looking to spend under $450 if at all possible. I'm on a budget
Ok no problem, give me just a moment.
ok :-)
With the air integrated wrist mount computers, you may be looking at a little bit more money, in comparison to the console type.
Hmm. Ok.
Oceanic Atom 2.0 Air Integrated Hoseless Dive Computer Watch (Complete System)
Oceanic Atom 2.0 Air Integrated Hoseless Dive Computer Watch (Complete System)
At the moment, we actually have a sale on this particular model, the oceanic atom 2.0.
This is a an excellent wrist mount computer, nitrox compatible.
Hmm, so $600...
What about a console one? Could I go cheaper there?
Yes, the Aeris Atmos computer here would fit your budget and needs.
That looks like a nice one.
Is it nitrox compatible?
Yes it is nitrox compatible up to 50%
Personally I would recommend a wrist mount. Most divers I know who start with a console end up desiring a wrist mount computer, but it depends on your budget and needs.
Yeah, I might have to save up for a little while longer then, maybe get one spring of next year before diving season begins.
I see that this one is used... What kind of quality can I expect with used computers?
If you don't mind used, this aeris computer is a good one. Or this one here :
Leisurepro thoroughly inspects and tests all of our used products, and we rate them based on a quality rating system. All used products also come with a 30 day money back quality guarantee
Hmm ok. Thats good to keep in mind. I think I'm going to take your advice though, and just save up for a wrist mounted computer. I liked that first one you sent me, for $600
Do you have a computer you're currently using?
I don't want to have to buy another one after a short while bc I'm unhappy
I just use regular gauges and dive tables.
How often do you dive?
A couple of times a month.
So, for now I think my gauges and tables will work until I can afford the wrist mount computer
It would be worth your while to have a computer, you'd probably get longer dive times.
There is always the option of buying just the wrist watch, and purchasing the transmitter later, with certain computers. I can take a look and show you a few if you like.
that would be awesome :-)
Not all computers are compatible with a transmitter, but give me just a couple moments and I will pull up a few.
sure thing
Thank you for your patience.
Here is a perfect one:
Aeris Elite T3 Hoseless Dive Computer
That computer fits your budget, is nitrox compatible, and is air integrated. You could purchase the transmitter later on, and at least now you'd have a computer to dive with :-)
That looks perfect!
I really like that later I can add on the transmitter! And I like aeris products as well.
I think I will go with that one. Thank you.
Can you show me the transmitter, so that I can see what I need to plan for in the future?
The transmitter is actually not listed alone on our website since it is typically sold as a package. However, you can call us when you are ready to buy the transmitter and we can get it for you. It will be $3-400.
Ok. Thank you!
I really appreciate the help today. :-)
You're very welcome. Is there anything else I can help with today?
Nope, that was my big concern today. I will be getting that dive computer :-)
Glad I could help :-) You have a great day!
You to :-)