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Leisure Pro expert product information on Cressi 2.5 mm Front Zipper Playa 2012 Men's Shorty Black Red Large.

visitor asked What is the major differences between the Aeris Ex lite travel BCD and the cressi start BCD?

Cressi 2.5 mm Front Zipper Playa 2012 Men's Shorty Black Red Large

Cressi 2.5 mm Front Zipper Playa 2012 Men's Shorty Black Red Large

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Hope M.
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Hi how are you?
How can I help you?
Hi, I am looking at comparing the Aeris Ex lite travel BCD with the cressi start BCD. What are you thoughts please?
I personally like the Aeris better.
Do both of them come with weight pockets?
or would I need to strap a weight belt around
On the Aeris they are located here.
and teh cressi aquapro 5 is a different level altogether?
Let me look at the aquapro.
What sort of diving do you do?
Basic diving...
is what i intend to use it for
ok the aquapro is a nice setup. It's a higher level you could say.
Depends on what you need. If you travel a good deal I like the weight and look of the Aeris.
If you plant to stay closer to home I would pick the Aquapro
Does that make sense?
ok. and in terms of sizing for the aeris. I am 5'11 about 195-200lbs
yup. I intend to dive out in bonaire.
Oh I do love Bonaire
Does the type of BCD matter for the area you dive at?
What is your Chest size?
I should say 42
It just matters how much of a setup you want.
To be honest I am a beginner and just need something basic
DO you want something that has lots of d rings to hold gear DO you want a quick and simple setup. If I was buying my very first Bcd I would go with the Jacket style.
Like the aquapro or start
What size is your waist?
I would suggest the large.
I am assuming the aeris is something basic too...Is that correct?
For basic you will do better with the aquapro. It is a step up from basic which will give you a longer shelf life.
The Aeris is a basic setup but it's a back inflate which sometimes can be an issue for beginners.
I watched someone do a few back rolls till he figured out how to place his weights.
Have you been to Bonaire before?
So which one of these would be considered jacket style
Both of the Cressi are jacket setups.
I was at bonaire before..but did not make the diving
Do you see how this bcd has a cumberbund?
THen this one has this back inflate without much of a front harness?
So basically you need to be a bit advanced to use the aeris due to the back inflat
You wouldn't need to be more advanced perse just some times as a beginner you want to carry a bit more items and this Aeris won't have as many pockets, weight layout. or hold you close and compact within the jacket.
For the cressi, would a medium or a large seem appropriate?
Items such as a travel snorkel, a backup light, gloves, noisemakers, The list is endless for what people carry on the jacket.
When I looked at it before with your weight , chest size, and also waist it looks like you would fit a large.
This was the one i was looking at.
Well, looking at this one I would go with a M/4
One last question..I probably think you've mentioned this before..but this is what seems to be throwing me off a bit
Ask away.
The Aeris vs the cressi start BCD. The way the Aeris inflate out at the back..DOes the Cressi inflate out that way too?
Or is the difference in relation just to the number of pockets you were mentioning
The Aeris is a what they call a back inflate, the Start is a Jacket style.
Oh I see...I think that sounds better...
Also typically the Travel bcd's are not as heavy duty as a typical bcd
So its back inflate vs jacket style!
also travel vs. usual
I intend to be flying with them..Are these permitted in cabin baggage?
I ONLY carry my gear on.
I refuse to loose day of diving.
The start will weigh 6.3 lbs
The Aeris is 5.9
Were you thinking of purchasing today?
Not at this moment.
Since I need to look at the wet suit
and find
Would you like help finding a wetsuit and fins?
I would love if you can show me a few examples.
I am on a bit of a budget, so anything simple that will do the job will be great
ok let me show you which ones I like
What mm were you thinking for a wetsuit?
I noticed there was one for sale at $27
which one was that?
The lycra suit is 26 but that is not a wetsuit.
it's a skin suit which I wear in Bonaire during the day.
So i should be looking for jump suits..
Well, here is my thinking. Diving costs a great deal.
I like to go with at least a 5 and during the day if I get hot, then I just leave it a bit unzipped.
But In bonaire it's all about diving your doing multi dives all day long and your body starts getting cold so you want something that will keep you warm.
a 5mm is a good choice because it's not too hot and not to lite
The Neo sport is a good price for the value of the suit.
So 5mm is a start point
and it is a skin type vs lycra..
It's neoprene vs. Lycra
Do you know what a rash guard is?
or a Sunshirt?
the shirts you see people wearing on the beach to keep the sunshine off of them.
Is that something you wear inside the suit
I wear mine inside as a layer at night dives but the Lycra suit keeps you from the sun and also from getting bummed up on the reef.
A neoprene suit will trap a layer of water between you and the suit to work at keeping you warm.
So is neoprene better suited than lycra or the other way around?
No, in wetsuits you will want NEOPRENE
ok cool..
So I will keep neoprene and 5mm in mind..
I probably will spend more time reading up the website..
Sounds great
Thank you for all the advice
much appreciated
you are welcome