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Leisure Pro expert product information on Tusa Double Gauge (SCA-230).

visitor asked What is the difference between the SCA-230 and SCA-230T?

Tusa Double Gauge (SCA-230)

Tusa Double Gauge (SCA-230)

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Maurice C.
Hi, how can I help solve your diving needs today?
Hello, how are you today?
Good. How are you?
What is the difference between the SCA-230 and SCA-230T
I can't find the SCA-230 on the manufactorer's web site
Let me see if I can pull those up for you? Do you mind holding a moment?
no problem
thank you
I really cannot see a difference between the two models?
Except for the price
looks like the 230 is discontinued and replace with the 230T. but I cannot see why?
Hum. They seem to be the same product if you ask me
when does the sale end?
In the descruptions, one says mini. That is all i can see?
which says mini?
Unfortunately, i do not have a date on the sale end date.
I see it
I will stop by the store later this week
and see both
that sounds like a great idea. The sales associate may have more insight on what the differences are, if any?
since there is so little information about the 230T
You see the 230 description states: A compact and lightweight 2 gauge console, the SCA-230 provides all the dive information you need, in a mini size.
mini size is there as well
Very interesting. I have never seen anything that close with two different model numbers.
I think there is a mistake somewhere
I can't imagine anything else
either the photo or the description or something
don't know what else to say
nevertheless, I will be going to sleep. Thanks for your help and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!
You too. Merry Christmas to you and yours?
good night