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Leisure Pro expert product information on Tusa X-Pert Regulator (RS-460).

mike asked What is the difference between the rs460 11 and Tusa X-Pert Regulator (RS-460)?

Tusa X-Pert Regulator (RS-460)

Tusa X-Pert Regulator (RS-460)

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Brian D.
Hi, how can I help you today?
Hello how are you today?
how is this different from the rs460 11?
Let me check for you. Can you hold a moment?
Thank you
There is not a huge difference.
The II has an upgraded poppet assembly
But that would not affect performance really.
what is a poppet assembly?
It's part of the system that regulates pressure, on the first stage.
should the reliability be the same?
With the closeout price on the original, it would be hard to justify paying for the newer model in my opinion. Unless you just wanted the latest and greatest :-)
Did you want to order that now?
Ok thanks very much for the info
I can assist you with it and make sure the order goes through smoothly. Order before 3pm EST will be shipped same day
i need to get the funds first but this looks like what i will go with i have been looking for a while now thanks.
Youre welcome.
Is there anything else I can help with now?